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Try this at your own risk.

You plug your ears with your palms and tap on the base of your skull with your fingers 50 times.

For me, I noticed immediate relief. Next time I will try just tapping on the back of my head without plugging my ears (should make the tapping noise quieter for those with hyperacusis).

I noticed a reduction in the high pitches of my tinnitus but the lower pitches (I can always hear my heartbeat especially in my left ear) are still quite noticeable. Still, the relief from the high pitches is pleasant.

If you choose to try this, please let us know how your body responded - Good, bad or indifferent.

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Did nothing for me... but this is a really interesting story:


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I've tried this over and over again for several months.... absolutely nothing. You are so lucky if it works for you.


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Absolutely nothing to me either.But my wifes cousin tried it and saw relief.Some people are lucky

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