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Musician's Earplugs + Fireworks shari New Messages 38 2
by shari
Can Pain Hyperacusis get better after setback? LS New Messages 45 1
by Aplomado
unsure what these symptoms are TD New Messages 36 1
by DanMalcore
the use of earplugs- advice? jordanchis New Messages 53 3
by jordanchis
Please Help Buffalogypsy New Messages 43 1
by DanMalcore
Can hearing aids with sound considered TRT? LS New Messages 77 7
by DanMalcore
Pain Hyperacusis DepiFarkatsi New Messages 486 34
by Lola808
Hyperacusis gotten so much worse Moncha New Messages 52 2
by jordanchis
Should i go on TRT asap? jordanchis Friendly Chat 8 0
by jordanchis
Should i go on TRT asap? jordanchis New Messages 26 0
by jordanchis
TRT study results jordanchis New Messages 68 3
by dave2
White Noise question ScorpioGoddess New Messages 70 4
by Aplomado
Recent Dx and returning to work Animagus11 New Messages 43 2
by Animagus11
Pink noise therapy, but also have reactive tinnitus. LukaKorda New Messages 23 0
by LukaKorda
Hello New To Forum LS New Messages 93 3
by Artman
TV and voices through the walls wsjulz New Messages 81 7
by wsjulz
Quite Mild H rharm New Messages 92 10
by rharm
Noise sensitivity Lafaim Friendly Chat 62 2
by BCX
Hyoeracusis Parmar05 Friendly Chat 52 2
by BCX
New to hyperacusis - 3 weeks since it began DR New Messages 161 6
by Artman
Will cochlear implant op improve hyperacusis? sheep New Messages 50 2
by sheep
Hyperacusis with vibrating ear. Willie New Messages 116 5
by darryl61
Sound enrichment and hyperacusis Willie New Messages 119 3
by Queenmacha
Tinnitus etc as brain connectivity failure? Kiwigirl New Messages 48 0
by Kiwigirl
Success stories? darryl61 New Messages 252 11
by DanMalcore
New to Hyperacusis, a result of quarantine...No idea where to go from here, PLEASE HELP! Mike007 New Messages 138 3
by Mike007
In literally constant pain from HA, urgently need advice. Please Help. James_ATW New Messages 961 42
by HST
Surgery with Dr. Silverstein or Nazarian? TamiW New Messages 150 3
by HST
Reverse Hearing Aids SalFaz New Messages 109 4
by goodfella032
Ear Sensitivity/Ringing Ears Jord New Messages 88 1
by Steve2017

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