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I haven’t been on this board in a while, and that’s because things were going so well. There were some days last month where I even totally forgot about my H. It was as if I were healed, or the H was gone. And as it got better, I began protecting my ears less and less, and even stopped carrying my earplugs. It was sublime. My tension headaches were gone, I was sleeping normally, And I remember thinking how much easier life was without a daily struggle of painful H.
Well I was at a new Target last week, and was right in the back corner where the alarm speaker was and the fire alarm went off, and it stayed on for about 2 min. Well needless to say. It’s been a week, and the pain has not subsided. Constant ear flutters, deep throbbing pain, much louder Painful T, and the damn stiffness from tension all around the left side of the head which causes me to have headaches 24/7. My left ear had always been the main problem.... Didn’t sleep last night, and now it seems to be even worse.
Just came on here to rant as it brings me some relief to write out my situation, and to also warn others that even when you think you’re healed. Don’t forget how bad a setback can be!!! Be careful where you go and what you do. I had no way of knowing this would happen, but I should have ran out of the store and covered my ears with my hands right away!!!
It’s Been about 2-3 months since my last setback, but the good news for me here is that I know my H and T gets better with time, and I will feel better in a few weeks, and I have to remain hopeful. I’m back on my regimen of Magnesium, NAC, cranial massages, pink noise, and the damn ear plugs :-(!!!!!
What a terrible issue this is that we all have.

Good luck.

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One of the biggest mistakes of H sufferers is letting down one's guard. A moment of complacency can lead to long-term suffering. Don't ever forget that H is the unwanted gift that keeps on giving.

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Sounds sort of like my story.  

You improved a lot once, you can do it again.
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