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Dr. Silverstein's procedure is a band aid and, in my view, does not put the patient on the proper path to improving their decreased tolerance to sound.  I want to be clear on this - I understand that reinforcement of the round and oval window with temporalis fascia or tragal perichondrium may offer some benefit for individuals with severe hyperacusis however these are, for the most part I believe, are individuals who have never been to a qualified clinician and completed TRT.  

In 1991 I came down with severe hyperacusis.  The mere sound of my ears running across my pillow at night were too loud.  My LDL's were at minus decibel levels.  I could not tolerate my own voice.  For those who have not heard my story it can be seen at this link:

I understand that everyone wants a quick fix, but Dr. Silverstein's approach, in my view is not the way to begin.  And contrary to what some would have you believe, it can have a negative impact on tinnitus.  Furthermore, as one ages and hearing loss sets in the opposite problem surfaces - how do I undo this so I can hear better.  The non-invasive path to improving decreased sound tolerance (DST) is sound therapy.  YOU CAN DO THIS ON YOUR OWN through the proper diagnosis, treatment and directive counseling of a qualified clinician.  Yes it takes time but rehab always takes time as it taps into your bodies own ability to recover.  In a survey this network took years ago by those who completed TRT 91% saw significant improvement in their DST.

As the founder and administrator of this network from the very beginning it troubles me to see the advocates of the Silverstein patch take over this network message board lately.  I question whether some of these individuals are receiving any compensation or are employed by the Silverstein team when in fact they appear in his promotional videos.  The constant soliciting of this approach will be monitored from this point on.  This message board will not continue to promote his practice because it violates the rules of this forum.  In closing I want to make it clear that I am not suggesting that the doctor is unprofessional or unethical in any way.  To his credit he has developed a quick fix with a very invasive surgical procedure that does dampen sound somewhat because of what is done to the inner ear.  I quite frankly would not want anyone tampering with my inner ear when I know I can improve my sound tolerances with sound therapy.  The first step should be sound therapy not the scalpel.

I will not do a back and forth with people who want to argue with me on my position on this.


"Yesterday is ashes, tomorrow is wood, only today does the fire burn brightly"

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Well done Dan for standing firm with your beliefs with this, its easy for people to get dragged into parting with money when desperate with health issues.. I didn't know at the time if this was genuine or not, i'm not a specialist in these type of operations, but below was my response to the message board when first seeing it months ago... 

When I first looked at this the other day I thought nice results, and then came to mind, what a 'great advert' for this company.. We shall see if more information comes along in the next few days from rebbecca or Silverstein Ins regarding this operation.


I like the end bit of your message - people can improve on their own with their bodies own ability to recover - using the 'power of your own mind' and it doesn't cost anything to try, just work at it, focus on it, relax and try getting better step by step.

s simpson
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