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Hey Everyone, 

I've recently begun researching supplements that aid in the treatment of H, T, and Hearing loss and have come across one manufacture named Advanced Bionutritionals that has a product called Advanced Hearing Formula. It has some of the stable supplements we normally hear about (Like NAC, and Ginko Biloba), as well as a few others: 

These are the main ingredients:

#1: N-Acetyl-LCysteine: NAC supports the body's production of an important antioxidant called glutathione.

#2: Alpha lipoic acid is both fat and water soluable and can penetrate the blood/brain barrier. It also "recycles" other antioxidants back to their active states.

#3: Acetyl-l-carnitine is an amino acid that supports energy production in the mitochondria.

#4: Gingko biloba has compounds called flavones and ginkgolides, antioxidants that help support the inner ear hair cells and auditory canal.

#5: Luteolin is a powerful antioxidant that also crosses the blood/brain barrier. It helps support mitochondrial function too.

I checked out 2 years of reviews on their website. The most recent year is filled with stellar reviews... People who's H, and T have been nearly eliminated, and even some users who's hearing has improved. The second year tells a different story however :/  Im not sure what changed, whether the positive shift is a product of an ingredient upgrade, or a branding one (or paid reviews).  

I'm curious if any of you can speak to the efficacy of this particular brand / supplement? 


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No clinical trials exist which prove these supplements alleviate hyperacusis, tinnitus or hearing loss.  In my view this is a waste of time and money.  


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Mg supplements are demonstrated as being helpful to reduce damage prior to exposure to loud noises (gunfire).  I tried it and experienced no change (after the fact).

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Taurine is an interesting one to consider. This clinical trial concludes it has the potential to reverse tinnitus and hearing loss after noise induced trauma. I tried it but did not get any help with H.

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Absolute crap . Think someone is working for the company
dean cosnett

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Hello Everyone
My HAnd T begin in December 2018 and it was so severe that I was having panic attacks and depression and was suicidal
4 months ago I started taking B-Folcin a tablet brought from india by Mo mom for ulcers in mouth and I this medicine. Helped me previously so I started taking it and guess what after 30 days my tinnitus was getting bearable and sometime totally gone, my hyperacusis improves too , for the first time I went to see a movie with my Son and then last month I took a flight too with out any pain or increase in tinnitus.
Unfortunately I ran out of medicine and I tried very hard to find that medicine here but no luck and in one week of not taking that medicine my HAnd T stated going up
I have ordered the medicine from india and my friend is going to bring it with him next month and I will try it again
Also on another note my Dr prescribed me manganese oxide tablets and fluoride tablets for ear health and those two also increases my HandT so I stopped it and it went down to medium range now

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