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Well, I have been off this site for a spell as I dealt with appointments, evaluations, setbacks and treatments.  It's been 21 months now since my work-related injury in a call center.  Still have the hyperacusis, the burning, the increased tinnitus, and newly recognized PTSD around it all.  I consulted with Dineen Wescott via skype, (The golden key for me), and was recently assessed at the Tinnitus Management Clinic at the Cleveland Clinic.  (The hyperacusis is currently preventing any tinnitus treatment at this time).   I've decided that I want to start a local support group for those of us who suffer from hyperacusis, or hyperacusis with tinnitus.  Has anyone done this in their area? I'm in Ohio--Greater Columbus area.  My audiologist is treating a few clients so I plan to start there.  Does the Network, or the Hyperacusis Research Limited provide any supports for such groups?  Since I'm not back to work yet, I've got time to work on this.  I welcome any suggestions, collaborators, whatever.  Let's get this out of the shadows and educate our "professionals", friends and family members!  

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The American Tinnitus Association (ATA) provides support for a network of support groups. I see they have one in Toledo but not Columbus.

My suggestion would be for you to contact the ATA and say you are interested in creating a support group for the Greater Columbus area. They can give you help on how to do it plus list your group contact info and meeting schedule on their website and in the ATA magazine. Be sure to join the ATA first before contacting them if you have not already.

I serve as a volunteer for an ATA support group in a different part of the country, and I find the support group system to work quite well. 

Hyperacusis also is covered by the groups in addition to tinnitus. Just yesterday at the Washington, DC area support group, the guest speaker was Bryan Pollard, the President of Hyperacusis Research Limited.

Jennifer Born at the ATA works with the volunteers leading the support groups, so she would be the one for you to contact. Her email address is:
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