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Hello all: I wanted to check in, it's been a long busy year and I've not had a chance to come visit.

First I want to say that you are all in my special blessings for what you are going through. I went through it for ten years and put off TRT and honestly with the right person, it was the best thing I did.

I was helped by so many when I was at my lowest and so I wanted to come back and give you a status report. 

It has been a number of years since I graduated from TRT. I went into it thinking that if I had 30% improvement, I would be happy. I'd say the protocol was close to 100%. I still struggle every now and then with phonophobia (fear of noise) but part of the TRT protocol was counseling not only with the TRT specialist but therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy to be exact. 

I'm able to go to movies now and the other day had my annual hearing test which I always have my Clinician add a Loudness Tolerance test. Years ago I would never have been able to do it. Last year my LDL on one ear was 95, and less on one year. This year it was 95 and 100. I asked the clinician what was normal for "normal" people and she yep, that's it. Wow, I was so excited. 

I wanted to do an annual appeal to ask those who can to donate to the group. Even if it's $5, it can be done online easily. I will never forget getting materials from the Tinnitis Society in Oregon and finding a few pieces of paper about something I'd never heard of: Hyperacusis, it sure sounded like what I had and nobody was "getting it" in the expert help. I inquired of Dan and he has literally saved my life. Bravo Dan, Bravo all of you and for those who have been around for a long time, I think of you often.

You WILL get through this!


Jane Parks-McKay
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