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So, I am a karaoke host who is constantly around loud music (20 years now). In 2012ish I finally started wearing ear protection after i started to get tinnitus. Last year (Sept) , in a loud bar, a girl screamed in my left temporary unprotected ear. I heard a pop and my life instantly changed. Ever since then my friend, I call him the robot voice is present in every thing I hear. I guess you could describe it as an echo but it's distortion. At the beginning, I was pretty sensitive to sound, I had to wear protection at home just to watch TV. I admit it got slightly better after a few weeks but for this past year I have been contemplating quitting my career as a karaoke host. I have been adjusting. At first, i would sing without protection cause ear plugs just caused inner vibration that would cause excruciating pain, then i switched to noise cancelling headphones, which was a saving grace. I could talk and sing with out pain, but mixing of course was difficult so i would take the phones off my RIGHT ear, adjust and then put it back on immediately. It's been working, have musician ear plugs for concerts which have worked great (i just don't sing along or talk while having them in.)
Last Wednesday, i was singing a particularly loud screaming song with my noise protection head phones on and I think I re injured my ear. My symptoms are worse than ever. I absolutely can't sing anything now without pain. My partner's voice hurts, my own voice hurts, coughing hurts. Working hurts, just the minimal talking and announcing the next singer all cause pain. I am freaking out, i really think i need to quit my job and find something quieter. I feel a depression coming on, singing is a real joy to me, i can't imagine my life without it.
I've seen 2 doctors and have an appointment with new doctor on Wednesday. The first doctor was useless, i tried to tell him I have Hyperacusis, he didn't know what it was and refused to read a short description. I got rid of him and went to another doctor and he said my hearing test in my left ear appears to indicate Menier's disease. It does run in my family but I really don't think it's what i have ( I have no other symptoms of it.) Hyperacusis describes what I am going through perfectly. As far as the new doctor how do i convince him/her? Any other advice? Thanks to anyone who takes the time to respond.


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Hello Sang. Patients are frequently misdiagnosed with Meniere's because unfortunately, physicians have absolutely no idea at all what hyperacusis is or what to do about it. It sounds like you may have it and it is not uncommon with noise injuries. You need to see an audiologist who specializes in sound sensitivity disorders. This would be a tinnitus practitioner. This is especially important, because using earplugs or headphones to protect your ears long term will make the hyperacusis significantly worse. Yes, it will make it worse. If you don't find a specialist on this site who is in your area, then I recommend looking for one on  Good luck, Dr. Dyson
Kelly J. Dyson, Au.D., CCC-A, F-AAA

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drkellydyson is right.  It sounds like  you have typical hyperacusis.  Go to an audiologists that specializes in hyperacusis and get sound treatment.  Ask the doc if you should quit your job for a quieter one.  It very well may be necessary.

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I used to have that 'echo' in my voice when my T and H was bad, everything I was saying was echoing especially on a bad day when my stress levels were up - is it an echo in your case - not as in another voice talking to you - I only ask this, because I have researched the other 'voice' some people get a 'lot'.....  
s simpson
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