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Many years ago I had a horrific experience with a brain MRI.  It was a FONAR machine and I was not provided with any hearing protection.  The tech told me they don't provide earplugs for anybody (not even babies) for the test because it is unnecessary.   Long story short.    I was left with severe hyperacusis and some hearing loss in the high ranges.   I had to get the generators to help me recover.

In early July of this year, I suddenly felt this "popping" sensation inside my head and one side of my face (my lower mouth) became slightly numb.  I developed severe headaches after that, and a feeling like I was off-balance, followed by constant floaters in my right eye.   I immediately saw a retina specialist and I was diagnosed with a separated vitreous sac (next to retina) in right eye.

Obviously, I was petrified at these symptoms and went to my neurologist.   I also saw a neuro-opthomologist.   Their manual tests showed that I was ok (although I still don't feel 100% ok.)  My neurologist ordered an MRI with contrast.   Knowing my history with MRI's she gave me the option of a CT scan.   She wants to rule out a small stroke.   I am petrified that I may have had a stroke and am praying it is something else.   I want peace of mind.   After my MRI experience, I am really frightened.   My doctor said the CT scan is very sensitive and would pick up if anything is wrong.  

I have had hundreds of X-rays in my life due to scoliosis and several fractures (and at least three CT scans).   I am not too happy about the CT scan  because of the radiation exposure.   But I am equally afraid of the MRI because of the noise.

I don't know what to do, CT scan or MRI?   Right now every day I am filled with fear.  My doctor said either test would work, but both have their risks - one radiation the other noise.   Would appreciate some thoughts and reassurance from board members, thank you so much.

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MRIs can be extremely dangerous and cause T and H. Having severe H, I could not possibly imagine doing an MRI. If it were me I would opt for the CT scan.

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I just had an MRI of my foot--so I was not all the way inside the machine, but of course it was still obnoxiously loud, and I hated the noise. But I got through it OK.

Then, just for icing on the cake, it turns out they did the wrong body part, and now I have to go do it all over. Can you believe it?

Anyhow, the reason I am writing is just to say even though I was scared and I hated the noise, even with headphones on, I did NOT experience any worsening of my hyperacusis. I have had H for 4 years as a result of a sudden noise injury, and I have improved somewhat in that time. So I am not too worried about MRI #2, although I am a super annoyed that I have to go through it again.

I know other people have been hurt and MRIs have caused them hearing issues, so I do not mean to trivialize the risk or your fear of consequences. I am just sharing my experience to illustrate that for some people it is possible to get through it OK. Under the circumstances YOU are in, I tend to think I would opt for the radiation risk over risk of worsening hearing issues, given how hard hearing issues are to fix. Especially if you would get equally valid information from the CT as from the MRI, you don't have to take that risk. 

I hope you can find out more about what is going on with your health one way or another and feel some relief of the great unknown, which is so hard to deal with.


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There are machines now that you don't go fully into - check on that and wear ear muffs 
That's what I did and I was fine
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