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Once more, I moved to a new place.

I basically deserted the previous one because of the noise, and crushed into my parents place.

I took me roughly a year to find a new place. The main problem was that
most places where obviously too noisy for me. In the other it was simply a
risk I could not take. Neighbours' noise, footsteps, TV's, A/C noise etc. are a major problem for me. And it is not something I can tell when I visit a property. I reside in Israel, where (fairly crowded) apartments buildings 
are the common way of living.  

I eventually rented a two family residence. Way bigger than what I need.
I remember myself going around the place before renting it. Trying to find 

But it did not help. Once I got there I figured out there is still too much
noise from the surrounding area (primarily from few roads which 
are pretty far away). I currently divide my time between my parents place to
the new one. In some desperate hope that I will get use to it.
For the moment, I just feel miserable. 


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I can relate to the footsteps being annoying, when my H was bad a few years ago, after a decade of it coming on year by year getting slowly worse, noise by noise more intolerable - I recall now some years later in shopping centers especially low ceiling ones when someone was following or coming towards me with hard sole shoes or pulling a little bag on wheels, the sound was unbearable - I would turn and go in another direction.

s simpson
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