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message for lotus... I think I have your name correct, been a while, anyway you sent a couple of polite/nice messages to us/me after you appologised for - 'your words' mood swings after a few awkward shall we say messages to this forum. The reason for me getting back to you is I am now posting/advising on a depression/anxiety forum where there are a lot of people with difficult mood swings.

People here will know I spent a lot of time 2 years now, researching mind'body'spirit which we 'all have' and we all run off energy 100% - and after posting 100+ messages on this fine forum I have said all I wanted to say, and we all move on in life, different directions...

in my research now as I move on, I'm coming across information that I would like to pass on, and even if you don't get to read it maybe it will help someone else. When suffering mood swings or in more difficult cases seems like someone else is taking over, have a look up at positive energy to self heal - chakra balancing 7 energy centers, especially the aura where negative damaging energy can 'attach'...

Hope I don't get shot down for this, I'm just trying to help...

I have this theory - ive walked a lot of miles on this planet so I'm allowed a theory...

I have this theory and no one has written these words into Google - All of Gods children are good - until the moment they come out of mothers womb at least with my theory, with clean spirit'soul'body'aura - then when growing sometimes at risk of personal negative energies. Parents should be aware of mood changes when a child is growing. How many times do we see/hear on the news, someones done something terrible and that person says a voice in my head.

Keep the mind strong I say, I even use this power of the mind to back my T off to the back of my mind where its not as noticeable.


s simpson
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