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Hello there

I first got hyperacusis 2017 while working as a teacher. It wasnt due to my oni got it but because of some sine waves in an audio i heard and fell asleep to on youtube. I didnt use ear buds or ear phones.

At that time i had problems hearing low frequency voices. I could hear people say something. But words were not clear. Everything was very loud and high cars, refeigerators... even my neighbours dog who lived above me.. i was never able to hear that dog as clearly before. So weird

I had the issue for about 3 weeks.

I listened to pink noise and then i found out about this

I didnt have tinnitus though

It solved the problem.

I was overly happy
I have a bachelors in engineering but was working as a teacher at a diploma institution teaching engineering subjects..

I applied for a job as a structural engineer. The reason was that i wanted to work in a more quiet place. One day i was working over time in the summer 2018. Someone mistakingly had put on the alarm in the building

I was alone and not aware.
When i left the burglar alarm started.

hyperacusis camw back back instantly the next day

I teied the same procedure as before.. it solved the issue within 3 weeks.. i even wass scheduled to visit a specialist dr by a local clinic. Waiting times were long.. and things resolved itself before i needed to go there.

Last month ... someone wanted me to listen to a youtube video vi their earbuds.. and they had the volume maxed on their iphone. I was in a noisy environment so i couldnt make out or hear they had the full volume on.

It was an instant burst of pain and i threw the earbuds off. That same night and in the morning hyperacusis came back.

Not as strong as before with lots of pain.

I got an ear infection at the same time started takine some medicine in the ear. So after about 2 weeks it was resolved.

Then i started to get a low tone tinnitus which disturbed me in the nights.. it went away after my fever, cold or whatever i had disappeared..

3 days ago someone had one of these extremely loud horns on their car, came up behind me and honked at someone else

I inmediately felt pain in my right ear
I feel sounds are sensitive and bearable now
But whenever i hear a high signal or something loud.. i get ear ache

The ears kind of feel full.

Over all i have a feeling of irritation.. but no way the severe hyperacusis i had before

What do you guys think happened? What should i do? Will the ear ache disappear

Pink noise?


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Hi DanyelK
  How are you going there?   You sound like  you have had  some very good success there!  I hope it continues.

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