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Hello from Canada
(Land of: hockey, maple syrup, and people who say "Eh?" a lot).  

Very happy to have come across this forum.
I've read some posts and looking forward getting to know everyone. 

Before I share my story, I'd like to say "Thank you" to Rob and Dan for the great  "Msg to Newcomers" page. 

I'm 2 months in with T & H  from sensorineural hearing loss, most likely caused from accumulated noise damage. T in left ear.
Now wearing hearing aids (Widex Moment with Zen sound) 

Initially T volume fluctuated with worsening in late afternoon/evening.  
H was noticeable for certain sounds  (sizzling bacon, tea kettle, cutlery etc). 
Gradual improvement. T volume/frequency pitch lowering.
Had read over and over again not to overprotect to everyday sounds.
Used zen chimes in hearing aids for white noise and sound
enrichment at night. 
I was starting to feel so much better....

Picked up something in town last week.  Wore hearing aids with amplification turned off. 
Exposed to everyday road/noise sounds.  Everything was fine. 
This past Sunday, did errands in town. Out for a little longer.  (again just everyday road/store noise).  

Ended up with:

Extreme increased T
Ear fullness
Muffled hearing (like being underwater and had no hearing yet I could hear) 
Ear pain 
Burning in ear/head

Sound tolerance has decreased further...
Can no longer tolerate running water. 
Very said about this.  Used to love having a shower as it was the only thing that would mask T.
(Note:  Family, friends, neighbours, store clerks, UPS guy, also very sad I can no longer shower.)  [smile]

Today, five days later.....
T volume up and down 3/10 to 10/10  (sound no longer just in in whole head) 
Still occasional ear fullness/muffled hearing/ear pain and burning.  
Last night experienced an almost open and closing of the other ear.   

Only few hours of sleep on Amitriptyline.  No sleep at all last night (did not take A as starting to affect stomach). 
T volume up to fire drill status every time I lay down. 
Cannot get in to see ENT for awhile due to covid 19.  All previous cancelled appointments will be seen first.

I would be so grateful to anyone who can answer the questions below:

1.  My audiologist said she does not feel my symptoms were caused by Sunday's exposure. 
I feel it was. Even though they were everyday sounds, it was too much too soon.
Has anyone else experienced a setback early after onset?  Did it improve?

2.  As T is fluctuating sometimes from fire drill to lower volume, is there a chance for improvement?  (terrified this could be permanent). 


3.  What do I do right now?

I am still trying to listen to some sound (low volume, sound in hearing aid or other sounds) but find that ear starts to hurt/burn after a while.

(a) Should I give ears a break and have silence for a day or two (or longer)  or continue with some sound or do a little of both? 

(b)Is there anything else I can do to help myself?

Again, would be most grateful for any:  suggestion, experiences, or direction to helpful posts.


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Hi, you have a typical H setback. You just jumped with unprepared ears into noisy environment and you got a setback with delay. For now just take it easy with excessive sounds and just listen to some sort of sound enrichment set at low level 24/7. This setback will pass but for the future you need to introduce yourself to louder environment very gadually. You need to slowly train your ears/auditory system to accept louder sounds and prevent setbacks.



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Hello Artman

Thank you for replying and for the advice.  

I read some of your posts and one resonated with me as I also have this.  

"The strange thing for me is that in the morning when I wake up my tinnitus is almost gone and then as the day goes on it gets worse...."

Is this still true for you?  Has it improved?

It sounds like music was very important to you.  Have you been able to enjoy music again?  (I hope so).

Hope all is well with you. [smile]

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Hi, this is also typical in initial stages of H, when you wake up T is silent and as the day goes on it gets louder. Now my T is quiet unless I overdo and get a setback. Your auditory system works similarly to autoexposure system in photo camera it's constantly adapting. When H starts everything sounds to you too loud (overexposed) and T is louder. You need to bring that "overexposure" slowly down by slowly exposing your ears to normal sounds. To do this the best way is to use pink noise/nature sounds at low level and as you feel more confident going into louder environment like walks in the forest and then some city etc. Yes I can enjoy music [smile]
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