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Jack Higgins is autistic and like 40% of autistic individuals they are sound sensitive.  Some are very sound sensitive (hyperacusis) while others are particularly sensitive to specific frequencies. I wanted to share this video with you as Jack approaches the stage to receive his diploma.


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Dan, this is wonderful indeed.  Appreciation was shown, but without out clapping.  How wonderful this young man graduated too!  A success all around.  Thanks for sharing.  I find clapping really an issue.  Occasionally, in connection with my other disabilities-- environmentally linked, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME) I go to a meeting and give an impromptu speech and I always start out with asking people NOT TO CLAP, and say I am on the one with the earmuffs.  It seems there are a subsection of persons with MCS and/or CFS/ME that have hyperacusis.

Clapping seems such a simple activity but for those of us with hyperacusis, it is more like a heard of elephants.  This video is so great as it shows how easy it is to have a noise free event in terms of clapping. Great.

PS. You state that 40% of persons that are autistic, is it known why? Is that information any help in terms of prevention, treatment, cause to the 'general population' with hyperacusis?
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