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The Neurologist my 10 year old son saw today wants to start him on B2, which I guess can't hurt, but also suggested trying the migraine cocktail to try to fight the headache that is constantly under his hyperacusis and pain that he has been battling for a month now. Says his head is always at 8 or 9 and at a 10 when introduced to regular sounds.

He is still going to get an MRI, (while under) and I fully expect it to be normal, but curious if anyone tried this, how it went. Did it help or would we just be drugging him for a day just for kicks? 

I still have not talked to anyone who really understands hyperacusis with pain as far as medical people go. Trying to get in to MN clinic but it won't be until the end of Nov. I just want to know what to do from someone who actually knows what to do. So frustrating.

Just trying to help my 10 year old son.

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Getting an MRI at this time would be an enormous mistake.  MRIs are incredibly loud.  They could make your child's sensitivity to sound far worse than it is now.  I was told to get an MRI when I first presented to a doctor and I did so -- without hearing protection.  As a result, my hyperacusis went from being moderate at best to severe.  



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And I also had an MRI of my jaw just before getting hyperacusis. I had poorly placed earplugs because I didn’t know the risks. I had had a few MRIs in the past without any problem, but I noticed this one seemed far longer and louder than the previous ones; probably because I already had the beginnings of hyperacusis, but was not aware of its existence.

I would look into whether some other scan would do, and what they are looking for.

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You may want to consider doing the TRT before doing the MIR. If your son is going to do an MRI,  I would recommend the GE silent MIR as the db level is in the mid 70's vs around 100db for a regular MRI unit.  If he wears ear plugs with the GE MRI unit, he should not have any problems.   

When under sedation the ears still function, but the brain does not process the information. I had two teeth removed while under sedation with some loud dental drilling, and I did have some issues with my T after the procedure but my H was fine. 

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