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Hello. I would like to ask Dan Malcore or anyone else who has been around this forum long enough to know: is there anyone who has recovered from Hyperacusis despite having some hearing loss? 

I am especially looking for success stories of those who have recovered having had Hyperacusis for a long time as a result of acoustic trauma and subsequent minor but permanent hearing loss. 

Thank you. 

I have had tinnitus since I was 12. I have always had sensitive ears, but I never really thought about it until Sept 2011, when an unpleasant exam (Acoustic Reflex test) at audiologists' made my ears a lot more sensitive. It was this exam which caused my hyperacusis and severely increased my existing Tinnitus.

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Yes, I have had and continue to have success. My hearing notch is at 6K down to about 65ish & 60ish.

My H & T have fluctuated over the last year my UCL on a spondee speech improved from 60-75 this year, so I’m thrilled with the progress. In fact at some levels, I’m actually back in the 80’s. So improvement from as low as the 50’s has me excited. Although for the time being my T is somewhat more pronounced.

It’s certainly not a linear journey, but I’m looking to the other side of the hill that I shall crest at some point in the near future.

Do not be dismayed at slow progress or the nasayers. I know this journey is worthwhile.

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