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Has anybody seen Dr. Meltzer in Chicago? I've already seen an audiologist and Dr. Meltzer was recommended. The first appointment alone is $500 and insurance does not cover it. She has good reviews, but I wanted to see if anybody in this group has gone to her or the NorthShore group and if so, did you have success? My hyperacusis is getting worse and I'm becoming desperate. Thanks in advance!

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Tami, I would keep your appointment with Dr. Meltzer.  Seems to me that you need some help with this and it would be a good time to work with a professional who has experience in managing decreased sound tolerance.  


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I did go to Dr. Meltzer several years ago. I was hesitant to reply to your post because I feel that I didn’t give her practice a fair try. I live far away, and I was overwhelmed with noise from my plane flight there. I was eager to get it over with quickly, and I didn’t follow up with phone advice afterwards.

I can say with confidence that she is a nice person and treated me gently. I had to ask for a sound tolerance test, which she gave along with a basic hearing test. She said I had excellent hearing and definite hyperacusis. I got a graph with my tolerance levels. She was careful to be gentle during the testing.

I got the general impression that she knew a lot more about tinnitus than hyperacusis. But that’s to be expected. If I had to do it again, I would try to get more questions answered as I went along after the appointment. But I thought that might cost extra, so I didn’t try to get phone advice.

I might have missed out due to my own lack of assertiveness. I would advise you to give it a try, but ask more questions than I did.
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