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Last night there was an amber alert issued at 12:11am in my area in Ontario. 

The noise is so startling to me that I am unable to go back to sleep. I have been up since then it is now 8:11am . Does this happen to anyone else and if so what do you do? 


Sheila McCool

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Hi Sheila   I hope  they find the child.  Thats  very distressing,and the sound is linked to that stress  and  with our tinnitus and hyperacusis  makes it more horrible.
My neighbours in their 4 cars, from when I got my T and H December 2018...  (Possibly before,  but it didn;t bother me)  they pipped therns every time they left and returned to their home up to 20 times a day,and also drove on the wrong side of the road.  very distressing.  Because the sound was really loud and I was worried they might know someone over.....  
They have stopped now..after I made 4 complaint to police.
I agree  with what some artcle on sound say....noise can be a weapon
\I hope  you get some rest!

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