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I've just stumbled upon this site and not sure how active it is but I have a question so I figured I'd give it a try.

I've had misophonia since I was 11 or 12, and I'm now 19. I'm realizing that my condition isn't going to get much better if I just let it fester so I'm looking for solutions. Meanwhile my family is looking for quick solve all. They want to go to a Mexican restaurant, but as chewing / crunching and chips are some of my biggest triggers, this is highly problematic. My parents current solution: Xanax. I've no prescription for it, but my friend who has an anxiety disorder has given me some.

>>>Does anyone have any experience or advice about the interaction of misophonia and Xanax? Will it help? Just make me angry and loopy? Suggestions for dosage? Any suggestions or thoughts at all are welcomed.
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It is illegal to take without a prescription, you should not get some from a friend.  It is an abused drug.

When I first came down hyperacusis, I was prescribed it to deal with anxiety.  I took a low dose.  I quit after three weeks because I was craving taking it.  It did make me a feel a lot better at first.  The "great" feeling tapered off quite a bit.  I did not like feeling a craving to take a medication at all.  I do not want to ever take it again for this reason.  

It does help some people.  However, I hate xanax.  I do not like the feeling it gave me.  I don't need it anymore anyway, now that I know what is wrong and how to work on it.

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Xanax seems to come up a lot, and never all that well.  There are others in the same class of drug (Benzodiazepines) that may be better to try.  I use Clonazepam a bit and often find myself forgetting to take it.  I think dependency is real, but variable in intensity from individual to individual.  You won't know unless you try and better to try around an understanding family under the care of a good Doctor.

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If it means anything, if you have tried or ever plan on using Tinnitus Retraining Therapy or Pink Noise Therapy, I read in Jasterboff's TRT book that benzo drugs like xanax are detrimental to the process as they prevent plasticity in the brain; they make it harder for the brain to retrain one of its cognitive functions and this case hearing sound at a tolerable level.

On the side of that I have heard xanax is strong so be careful with the dose. I don't believe it really makes a difference if you are prescribed it if you are not on other medications or don't have other conditions it could be affected by. I personally use other natural methods for my hyperacusis which can help..good luck to you.
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