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I have Hyperacusis.  For the past 5 years I have had to move 4 times to different complexes in different states because I have had serious problems with the neighbors on both sides of me and their loud tvs at different times of the day and night.  I have even kept a written record of the dates and times but now since I have had this problem before, the landlords won't pay attention to my complaining (because no one else complains about these noises).  I have to take a sleeping pill and sometimes I am even awaken in middle of night with extra loud noises coming from both sides of my apartment.  By the way, I am 75 years old and live in complexes with other seniors. 

Everyone thinks I am crazy.  The reason I am finally bringing it to this Board is there will be a situation like yesterday, both of my neighbors had their tvs blaring.  During that time, I ran into a neighbor down the hall and took her to my apartment to hear these noises (when we walked into my apartment, there was no noise and 60 seconds before I found her there was)???????    For the record, I had gone out in the hallway to the doors of each of the neighbors and I could hear their tvs thru the front door.  Afterwords when the person left my apt. and there was no noise, I walked out into the hallway again to each of the doors and there was no noise coming out of them.  This has happened several times when I tried to prove there was noise.  When a person comes in to my apt. to hear the noise, it is like a switch being thrown and it is silent when they come in.

I am afraid I am going crazy.  Does Hyperacusis cause this?

Diana M. Schreier

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H makes me hear things others can't, or barely notice, like the low rumbling of machines and other equipment, and the high pitch sound in running water, printers, brakes, etc.

But in my experience, I can hear the sound at the same time other people can't. I would ask, "Shush, can you hear that?" and the response I usually get is "no." Sometimes, I get a "yeah but only now that you mentioned it." I can hear the sound loud and clear though! I can't filter it out.

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If you want to know if you have hyperacusis, go to an audiologist and have your ears checked, esp your loudness discomfort levels.  (LDLs)

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Maybe this is useful, the thing about getting people into your apartment to prove the noise and then it's silent, that sounds a bit like this article describes:

I don't know if that may be what happens to you, but is something I found time ago while I was researching about my tensor tympani problems. There it says it's a kind of phantom sounds caused by hearing loss, it's a neurological issue and aparently it's not that uncommon. I hope that helps! 

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Dear Ladydiana,

If you have loudness H with or without pain, yes.  I hear EVERYTHING abnormally loud/amplified.  I also have chronic T with several signals, that can react and kindle to SOUND.  Frequencies can also be an issue.   So the answer to your question is.....yes.  

This horrific auditory/brain disorder can play with your mind.  It can be very frightening at times.  YOU ARE NOT GOING CRAZY.  This hearing disorder is not psychological, it is REAL, and may CAUSE anxiety and depression. 

This malady can manifest a bit differently in each individual.

Talk with your doctor regarding medication, if you feel you need it.  People react differently though to benzos,  and especially antidepressants.

Stay strong, and take care!

Kathy Mc


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Lasydiana, I feel for you. When I'm having a flare up I get hyper sensitive to neighbors too. I have a hypothesis that we are also extra sensitive to vibration that sound often creates (through walls, floors, pillows, etc). I also thought I was crazy, until I put a decibel meter app on my cell phone. It registered 60dB through the wall when teen was playing stereo really loud. It shows music beats as spikes, so you can compare music/no music or quieter music. I showed this to my management office as proof I wasn't over reacting. (And proof to myself). But I do think I'm hyper sensitive to neighbors noises. Best wishes for peace.
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