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I've perused the majority of the old and new messages, and still am a bit confused regarding my symptoms and hyperacusis.


A brief history:


*For the last 14 years, when I am around loud noises (concerts, singing, babies crying, etc.), my hearing (especially in the left ear) turns to static.  It sounds like the static in trying to find a radio station, and does have pain.  The pain typically went away when I got away from the sound.  I've learned to avoid loud places, and don't often think about it...


*In January of this year, I rejoined church choir for the first time in about 12 years or so.  I sat right in front of the whole group of high sopranos.  By the end of choir, my ear hurt so severely that the pain went down my neck, into my back, and to the center of my face. 


*Since then, I have daily pain.  Some days are worse than others.  The doctor (GP) can find no infection or signs of anything wrong.  I've been on antibiotics, steroids, and allergy pills. 


*The GP sent me to an ENT, and he ordered an MRI, which I had done on Monday.  Afterward, I had severe pain for two days.  The doctor thinks that I may have some type of damage to a nerve.


*On good days, the pain is like an extreme fullness in my ear.  Sometimes my throat hurts with it too.  On bad days, the pain extends as it did on the return to choir.


*The throat pain throws me off from the idea of hyperacusis.  Any thoughts on that?


*I do have a family history of autoimmune disease...MS and ciatricial pemphigoid. 


*After reading almost this whole website, I do realize that I seem to have other symptoms.  Little noices drive me nuts...someone drumming their fingers, swallowing sounds, being in a restaurant with lots of talking, etc.  I always thought I had just a little OCD, you know? 


Any ideas that anyone can share?  I really appreciate any thoughts!




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well, first of all, I am glad that you have persued the new and old messages to get a feel for it and yes, with such a mysterious set of conditions you are experiencing, it is hard to nail it down. It took me 9 months to nail my situation down to Hyperacusis.

I would point your browser and put in the various words, one at a time, of what you are experiencing, print out of jot down each one of the things that it COULD be and then little by little narrow it down to what you think it might best sound like.

It could be Hyperacusis and do remember that MRI's can make sound sensitivities worse. It screwed up my hearing for months and another one of my members, it really messed her up. The last time I had an mri, I not only wore earplugs but also my good earmuffs and had no problem but the one that I had and the other lay had, we were not allowed proper ear protection.

The world is NOT set up for people like us, that is for sure and it's important that whatever and wherever we go, we don't overprotect but we also protect ourselves from anything that will make us worse.

I think your first step is to try and find out what disorders and diseases have your characteristics, narrow it down to what you think and then look into each. Support groups online are good for these, I have ruled in and ruled out many things.

I will be sending good thoughts!

In my case, I am going through TRT with a wonderful Practioner in Maryland and have high hopes but it took me a very long time to get to this point.

Have hope...


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Hi Dana,  ((( Smiles )))


I read your story and you say the throat thing throws you off. I'm not on my regular computer and I can't copy and paste on this one as I have no hand held mouse. I'm not use to this one.


But I had the throat thing and ear fullness as well. And that post.. That thread is on the old hyperacusis network archive board.. And I can't bring it up for you now.


But someone else started that thread and I said yes. I have the throat thing too..  And that was back in an old 03 thread.


The archive board is so valuble for research on others who may have a like symptom. I had very bad hyperacusis at one time..


My hyperacusis is like almost gone now and it's been that way for awhile too.


But also in an old thread to a person named Astrid who use to be on the old archive board I tested some things out and reported back to her.


And one of them is what happen's in my ears when I hear sound.. So this time.. On this test..


I opened up the seal of my silcon mack earplugs  in my chiropractors treatment room and listened to him talking..


It was really really loud sounding and I told her the sound plays louder in one ear and just comes up with static ..


With static sounds in the other ear to his voice..


But that was my right ear with the static effect. It's on the old archive board as well.


But I also took allergy pills and beconase spray and antibiotics had my ears looked in many times had an MRI ... just .. had alot of thing done and they found nothing...


And it just made it all worse.. It was progressive for me.. It started out with a 24/7 tonal ring in my ear.


But it wasen't a bell ring. More like a straight alarm.


So you have pain with sounds. And now just daily pain did you say..


But of course now little noises are driveing you nuts..


It's not just the loud ones anymore.. And little noises are everywhere..


Interesting.. Some type of damage to a nerve.. 


Well. You can have your level of discomfort tested.. See what you LDL's are... Thats what they usually do..


And of course it is wise.. To avoid loud places if it does that to your ears....


Like your doing now.


You could purchase the network pink noise Cd...


It's up to you.


Good luck in your search...


But about the throat thing. Me too. Don't know what it is. Maybe has to do with muscles.. E-Tubes.. I don't know and doesn't seem like doctors now either..


That's why the old archive board is so important for reasearch. At least. It can give a clue of what others have been thru.. And what they have done for it.. Where to go .....


And I wish I could go there and find it for you know.. But with this computer I'm on.. I can't.. It's touch mouse like thing and I need a hand held mouse to be able to know how to work it well.


But the static and throat thing.. Yep.. Had it myself...         

Take Care


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Do you see an Environmental and Nutritional M.D?

You could start making Kombucha, it helps with candida which is the basis of all diseases.

I'am sure as someone who knows a little about MS, you're aware I hope that MS is really the meaning for "Multiple Symptoms", and science isn't an all end all, I mean can they prove and test that God exist?  NO!

But I do believe it's just toxins in the ears, however the scope of the different ions and shape of the crystals and scattered neurons is far beyond my ability to describe, Freddy probably could if you call him, but I just don't bother reading much on the Net anymore and don't do as much research as I did because people are very close minded and don't realize that not only are they the employers of the gov't but they do have the ability to read and have the same knowledge as doctors, because I mean if we did have a bioterrorism attack do you think the family doctor's would have the time to even see you, we'd have to rely on traditional knowledge.

I know I'am saying a lot in a very short space here but this whole thing is just related to environmental toxins and electrical sensitivity, and the body is half chemical and half electrical, but the doctor's don't really know that yet and Psychologists treat us as if we're animals instead of a spirit with a body.

Every diagnosis is a misdiagnosis!

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Thanks so much for sharing with me!


Yesterday I had the follow-up appointment with my ENT.  The results of my MRI were that there is no nerve damage, and nothing else strange going on in my head. 


So, he did the tube down the nose/throat and diagnosed me with me with LPR Reflux (Laryngopharyngeal Reflux).  With this, the acids from your stomach go up into the larynx or the pharynx. 


Although he doesn't think this is the cause of my ear pain, he seems to think it may be one contributing factor to it being worse.  So, now, the purple pill.


He has also prescribed a very low dose of Valium because...if I understand is a possiblity that the muscles around my ear bones are "locking up."  This medication will help relax them to where my ear bones can vibrate properly.  I am only to take these pills when I am entering an environment that I know causes severe pain.


All in all, he did say that this is hyperacusis, and that he truly has no definitive answers.  The measures he suggested are just trials to see what works.  Basically he said that it may just be something I have to learn to live with. 




Any impressions?  What has your experience been with these medications?




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Well, you got something out of that ENT Dr anyway, even if you didn´t get all the answers.

I know how that feels, i have since October 2005 visit many different doctors. Not one can give me any answers. I have  suggested different kind of check-ups they could do such as MRI.

But they cant see why do ´those tests  when we all know that my tinnitus and Hypera. are the fruit of a rockconsert in July 2002.


What they don't seems to understand is that i got new severe problems with my ears and hearing but they say "never heard of such symptoms you describing..."´What a girl too the web to get her own answers of-course


I think maybe you have earpain because of tensions in neck, shoulders and jaw?!.

I can get strong pain in the ears sometimes, often because of outer sounds or vibrations. The pain is scary...sometimes it feels like the ear is gonna burst.

I cant say why but i think its because of the muscles in the ears contracting....I think Lib and Lynn gave me some good answers in this forum a few days ago.

I also had my ears examine not long ago and they looked ok to the Dr....yeah yeah...what else is new`?!...The pain and the other "stuff" still going strong in my head and ears but no one believes you...


I also take a Diazepamdrug sometimes and actually it works...for a time anyway but´s not a cure im afraid.



I´m 32 y old turning 33 this summer.Mother of twins, Nikki-Lee & Norton they´re 4,5 y old.
I suffer from severe tinnitus and hyperacusis since July 2002 after an rockconcert.
In october 2005 i got an otitis in both ears & more trouble came after this. I get no answers from the ENT doctors so i had too search the web for my own diagnose.
I believe that i also have the Tensor tympani Syndrome, myoclonus & Eustachian Tube Dysf.

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I have the same as you except the pain doesn't go down as far as my throat, also I will get loudness recuitment but not a "static" effect.


I also have certain autoimmune conditions.


Best wishes to you.


Keep in touch with good music & hoping the sopranos don't get toooo unkind to you ... 

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