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I'm rather impressed by Astrid's posts from 7 to 9 years ago on this forum.

I might have a very similar form of hyperacusis to hers, and she seemed to be trying to deduce what hers was.

She had a lot of trouble from an operation where she had her stapedius muscle and/or tensor tympani muscles cut off, and they got a lot worse not better like others have claimed. Apparently those others the myoclonus wasn't related to sound but to her it was, as is unfortunately my case. I was kind of enthusiastic about muscle cutters until I basically found her threads.

As the forum seems to have eliminated her name for some reason, only her threads remain, but I can't track her chronology to find out.

She was really screwed by the operation, but claimed a 15db improvement on laser. I think laser is probably bullsh@t and all they might have done was eliminate a herpes zoster on one of her ears creating the illusion she had slightly better hyperacusis, but I could be wrong. Did she go onto improve further with laser, or did she worsen?

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