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I am new here but sure not new with my problems. First, sorry for my bad English, I will try to be short..
I have Tinnitus for two years and hyperacusis as well (wearing earplugs always when going out of my house). I got it from an alarm offset in my house and later it was worsened by some TNT tests and recurring situations.
Today also was one of those situations. I went to a town which I rarely do since I live in a busy capital, and everything was going ok until I went to garage to go home and in that street a tram makes turn and it started to make such loud high pitched noise that was really loud. At that moment I was in a sort of tunnel in front of that turn going to my street so the noise in there was probably even more loud.
I felt a sensation in my left ear and covered it but since I got home, for a last few hours I have fullness in that ear, sort of tenderness, pressure, sligh pain.. I am sure most of you can relate. Also like it's a bit clogged. I am trying to stay calm and remind my self that I was wearing a little protection (earplugs but not fully inserted since I have small canals) but still I have not got this kind of reaction in a long time and it was really loud high pitched noise.
What should I do? Is it possible that I have damaged my hearing even more by this one time going to the city and being at a wrong place at a wrong time. Again. Please don't laugh at me since I think this could really cause some problems.

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Sorry to hear about your recent sound exposure to loud sound.  There are no members on the H Network laughing at you as we have all been there with exposure to loud sound. You might try taking Magnesium as there been some studies by the military showing that taking Magnesium right after exposure to loud sound can help in the healing process. Taking Magnesium can have a side effect of diarrhea. 

Try to stay away from any sounds that give you discomfort for a couple of days and hopfully the ear fullness and pain will go away and you do not have a set back with the H or your T does not get louder.  


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Daer phacker 
Thanks for your answer.
I will take magnesium.

I am worried more then usual cause this fullness and tenderness is takinig more time to go away than usual, usually it would be few hours for not as loud noises, since this was loud I guess it's taking more.
I am glad that nobody will laugh I just stopped to talk about this to my partner and family cause I do not wanna bother them and they do not understand and also they cannot help so it ends in fighting about me being too depressed or scared or irrational.
Although I' d rather be irrational ATM than to face hearing damage, so you thing this could be the case with this tram squealing even for a few secs? I do have a slight hearing loss at high freqs (hence my T and H)

Thanks so much for your reply.
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