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I am a college student at Westchester Community College in Valhalla, NY. I intend to finish my A.S. in Liberal Arts/Social Science, and proceed to earn a B.A. in Psychology, before doing graduate work in School Guidance Counseling. I plan to move to Hawaii.

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Hawaii sounds good...
I am the Artistic Director and Manager of a Design Studio at a Printers in Hayle, Cornwall Uk - Rowe the Printers. I mainly work on a big fat G5 Mac in Quark, Photoshop, indesign and illustrator... but I also love to pick up a pencil and do some scribbles. I am a qualified illustrator.

Although I worked in London after I left college, I will probably never leave Cornwall... but New Zealand always has appealed to me! Looking forward to the rest of forever with my perfect girly Jess who I am getting married to on 31st October this year.
All our spare time we skateboard or go to the beach/for walks etc with our gorgeous little daughter Darcie.


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iam an engineering student from india, chennai. would finish my studies in information technology in 3 years.

take care,


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I didn't realize you were getting married soon.  That's fantastic news. 

My only advice - and I am firm on this point - is that you not name any forthcoming children "Shecky". 

The World's First Hyperacusic Cow once did an interview in Cornwall with a woman who looked uncannily like Winston Churchill.


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Congrats from me too, Jubags.
Since I am already married, that is not on my current list of things to do!

But What do I do is a question I think about all day - just what do I do in a situation like this?
I used to combine teaching and performance of baroque music but now I am struggling to teach and am not at all sure whether to keep my coming performance commitments or not.  Here I sit listening to the broadband noise which has become my security blanket, trying to decide whether to carry on inspite of the difficulty of competing with this wretched pulsing internal metronome permanently stuck on 70, or, whether to call it a day and turn my attention to something different. 

I especially love the repertoire for voice, recorder and b.c and it is so ironic that one of my favourite arias by Handel begins with the words Meine seele hort Im Sehen.. - My soul in hearing, sees how..... In performance I saw my role as being the medium to bring the dots on the page to "life" as real sound so others could enjoy these uplifting works but now I don't trust myself to do it effectively. Of course they fed my soul too but now all I hear is zing-zing zing... and I spend far too much time thinking about how peaceful it will be when my heart stops beating.  Last week I went to see the ENT about the results of the MRI hoping he might have identified the cause but no cause could be found. 

We have a small farm and I could grow vegetables. I am totally devoid of intuition about which way to go.  What do I do?

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