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Hi All...


Hyperacusis is defined as a 'collasped tolerance to normal environmental sounds'.  On the surface this can seem a pretty accurate description, but it did get me thinking, exactly what can be considered a 'normal environmental sound'. And is it somewhat misleading to the outside world trying to understand the condition. 


Can an artificial electrical environment, where we have refrigerators, TV's, radio waves etc really come under what constitutes 'normal'.  To a tribe in a remote part of the world, these artificial sounds don't exist, so it wouldn't be considered normal there. Many here hear sounds which may appear normal to our environment because we live in it, like hearing electrical appliances/hums, frequencies given off by appliances and other minute sounds, but are they really normal sounds? 


And isn't it quite ironic that the sounds often presented to sufferers to help them are exactly what we would consider normal environmental sounds like a softly running stream, birds singing etc.. naturistic sounds so to say.


Just something I was pondering on.



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EXCELLENT THINKING and I would think all of us have thought what on earth is normal and isn't normal?!

As we have looked at new homes, we have had to ask ourselves this and of course, sounds that are considered normal can be pretty scary to a Hyperacustic and at these prices of homes in California, it does give someone some pause.

I would love to hear what others have to say on this one but what I define as normal is what does the regular Joe, as they say, feel is normal. Not the boom boxes, the loud screaming children but in a reasonable environment, what is something that most people generally speaking are not bothered by. That's the barometer I use myself...


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Normal sounds would be defined as being a standard sound of everyday enviorment. When you try to define normal, which is to look; Psychologically,Medically,or mathematically?


I believe a normal sound would be a natrual sound, as opposed to loud cars, boom boxes, and tap water running. I believe if the world was to abandon all of it's technological advances this minute, my personal intolerable noises would be reduced by atleast 80%. So, personally I am to believe the term would be Medically "Of natrual occurance"


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I have children so I know there are some naturally occurring things which are horrendously noisey.

I once heard of a child care centre where there were concerns that the street noise in the playground was too loud.  They had people come in with equipment to check sound levels and noise levels were way above the safety standards.  Amusing thing was 80% of the sound was being generated by the playing children.

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