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I'm looking to get a pair of the strongest, tightest fitting, widest frequency blocking foam ear plugs on the market. 

Any recommendations?

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Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) posted on earplugs is not always accurate.  Many articles have been written on that very subject.  After all is said and done you would be hard pressed to find earplugs that reliable attenuate noise more than 30 decibels.  This networks sells the best performers at good prices.  Check out this link:

One of the real keys to getting maximum performance out of a foam earplug is learning to insert them properly - and believe me, it takes practice.  A good guide can be found at this link:


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hi  I am new to this group, so hello.  Ear plugs -  I buy them in bulk and have done for years. I don't leave home without at least a couple of pairs and my wife always has spare in her bag, All bags, rusksacks etc have pairs.  I have tried many. I have found of them all that for me the yellow sponge ones work best.  I have tried super duper flanged orange ones, forget it, they look great, but if you can't get them all the way in they don't really block enough sound and if you do manage it, you are limited to how long you can wear them.  Sore ears will result quickly, meaning difficult to wear any for a day or two.

I also usually carry a pair of shooters ear muffs and will add them on top. ( I am way past being bothered what people think, I will happily walk around shopping malls, the beach, bar areas with them. )  too much pain for too long has killed any worries there.

But for discreet and best result I go with the yellow ones.

Hope this helps.

Still learning how to do things on the site and would like to open posts for discussion if possible.  I already have a counsellor from time to time when things get rough, so a support group will hopefully help.

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