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On behalf of the Hyperacusis Members, I welcome you, Tess, to our Network.
   It's nice having you aboard.  If you'd care to share your experiences with hyperacusis and/or tinnitus you can log onto the Message Board through the Website.
    We all are family here.  We may not always agree on certain issues, nonetheless, we care for and hurt with each other's infirmities.
    Feel free to post on the Message Board.  Ask questions. Give a word of 'testimony' or 'success story'....whatever your heart desires.
    You are most welcome!  
                               God bless you, dear Tess!
                                                Abishag <><

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Hi Abishag, ((( Smiles )))

I've been off for days as school season is on and off..
Meaning summer school is around but very short in season..
and duration when in session...
So just been reading new posts today of yet...
But I read this post and I agree with what you wrote..
and I welcome Tess to the board as well.......

Take Care

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