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I know how difficult it can be to find an ENT or specialist who knows anything about hyperacusis, but how do you find a general practitioner who you can work with?  I have had the same GP for over 10 years, and I have mentioned the tinnitus and hyperacusis before when I was questioned as to why I was wearing earplugs in his office.  I guess he just shrugged it off at the time and ignored it, and until now, I had been satisfied with him.  Now that my condition has become much worse, he seems to think I am crazy.  Since asking him for a sleep aid and telling him what was bothering me, he does not seem to take anything I say seriously anymore.  He seems to disregard any questions concerning my medications or health issues and their possible relation to the tinnitus or hyperacusis as nonsense and tells me to ignore it.  The more I try to explain myself, the worst the relationship becomes, and this is enough to create a lot of anxiety by itself.  I find myself in the position of having to find another doctor in the middle of a very difficult time.  How does one find a good general doctor who will take hyperacusis and tinnitus seriously and work with a patient?


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Hi Bill, yes, it's a frustrating problem and I have changed doctors, both ENTs and GPs on account of their unsatisfactory attitude, but now I have a GP who is at least sympathetic.   He admits his ignorance of H but at least he listens, and when I tell him that I read on this network that a particular drug helped someone, he will write me a prescription after we discuss it.

It was a longish process to find him but this is how it went.  The second ENT I consulted diagnosed H but didn't offer any advice re treatment.  After talking to a friend who said she knew of a very good ENT I decided to check him out first.  I looked him up and sent him a short email saying that I been been diagnosed with H but not offered any form of treatment.  I asked whether he would be able to help me and if not, could he give me the name and contact details of someone who could.

The reply I received was "Happy to see you" so I went to my present GP (a shot in the dark as I had never been to him before) and asked for a referral.
Then I was able to make an appointment with this particular ENT ( no.3) and although his advice was limited, along the lines of "you need sound therapy and psychology", he then wrote a report to the GP.  It was quite detailed, eg concerning symptoms, results of MRI, audiogram etc, and so the GP really had no choice but to accept the diagnosis and symptoms and that treatment was required.  It is clear in the report that this is not some form of psychosis so he is therefore quite co-operative and does whatever he can to assist me eg writing scrip's for sertraline which really does help in my case.  I don't think he minds me doing the research as I don't suppose he has the time.  I suppose I cannot expect more than this considering the general lack of knowledge about H.

Hope this gives you some help with formulating a plan of action.


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What a great site,I have both T and H,the T is very bad,the H not so bad,but after reading the information on this site,i can say that i have been doing things right ever since the T has developed in April 2009.
I am still shocked that the first ENT i visited told me that i was deaf,i simply refused to see him again and i live in Massachusetts where some of the best medical brains are.
since reading from this site i can truly say that for people with these special conditions it is way better to educate ourselves about every aspect of the condition and then ONLY seek help from those who are experts who knows and actually has experience with the condition.

Annette Hinds
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