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Hi, I have had this problem for about 3 years now.  When I touch something with my right hand my left ear drum vibrates, this happens with paper, water dripping on the hand, using scissors, or just about anything in my right hand.

I have seen specialists for this but they do not know what is up with it.  I am on medications for seizures to help slow down the nerve impulses to my ear.  The meds are gabapentin and oxycabazion  (sp?).

This came about 10 years after a brain tumor operation in which no nerves were cut, the doctor said I banged them up but all is good.  I ended up loosing hearing in my right ear due to nerve damage.  The doctors do not want to cut my stapes (?) muscles on either side of the ear drum as if it failed my total hearing might be damaged.

Does anybody know of anybody else with this type of problem?  Your help is appreciated!

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