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Both my ears but not at the same time ring for a very short time one in a few weeks mostly after I've heard a certain loud sound or after I've been touching and been wringing with my finger in my ear-canal.

After a short ringing I notice very slightly that I notice very slighly almost unnoticable bits of hearing loss or slightly symtomes or slight increases of hearing sensitivity.

My ears have had for the last years the very slight hearing loss after a sound. Last summer I had worked as a restock-filler. And my ears were sensitive to the metal-clicking. It began after that that I started often to notice the ringing after touching and wringing in the ear-canal. That I started to notice the slight hearing loss always always after the short ringing. I also became in the long run more a bit more sensitive to loud sounds. Although I've always been a bit sensitive to sound because of my autism.

I do not really get why my ears ring after I've touched them or why I get slight barely noticable hearing loss after. Does anyone know what might causes it?

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I remember reading somewhere about some muscles in the ear that contract causing short term hearing loss which then resumes (usually for a minute or so) Please do not put your fingers in your ears You should see an ENT
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