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I'm gonna keep adding to these useful web sites I have found. Bear in mind i am LDLs of 80-90 last I tested so this isn't for everyone.


Pink, white, brown

Mix your own naturesounds

Counter spikes in office chatter with a hum of coffee shop chatter (and quiet cutlery).

Yes Dance Central 3. Only if you love dancing though. Set the volume low and the difficulty easy. The idea is to get a positive association with sounds again. Watch out for copying the claps too vigorously!


Based on mindful meditation (Very good idea to study this to stop the mind racing with anxiety.)

Yoga in combination with meditation boosts GABA (inhibitory response hormone) by 30%. I do yoga daily in a local park at lunch.

Look for exercises that correct forward-head posture as this causes TMJ and trapped nerves. TRX works more muscles in your back and has stretching element. Pilates is also good and walking. Weightlifting + gyms are overrated IMO.

It moulds to your neck so you get fewer tension headaches. The buckwheat makes a slight noise to block out mild soma sounds.

Have a hot bath whenever you can and add some of this magnesium sulphate.

To discharge positive electrons in these days of Wifi everywhere. Also try standing on wet ground in bare feet for 20 mins. There is also a grounding mousepad and various shielding devices for mobile phones.

It stimulates the GABA receptors in moderation like alcohol does but I read somewhere that yoga actually increases GABA itself, which is more desireable cos you aren't left with overactive GABA receptors like Xanax and all the stuff those evil drug companies push on you.

If you go for a massage they may do the wrong spot, missing TMJ and sternocleidomastoid or do it too hard and you'll leave and it will come back as soon as you go somewhere noisy. Learn trigger point self massage and you avoid that.


Reduces noise surge from loud speakers, has three tone settings to cut the treble. (I use it with a bit of foam on good headset to muffle noise a bit more.) Speakerphones are better that this though obviously.

That's all for now. Drop some other useful sites here if you have any.


PS I shouldn't be here! We all shouldn't be here!! (Just joking as has some useful tips.) 








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Hi Sandy,

Thank you so much for taking the time to post all of the links. That was really nice of you. I printed out the info on treating trigger points earlier, but I'm having trouble getting my computer to open the other links right now. But I'm going to check out those sites. I know that is very good. Their brown noise is the gentlest brown noise I have found. Another site I would add is They have a variety of gentle sounds.

Thanks again,


I cured TTS with trigger point work.
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