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Hey everyone -
It's been a while since I've posted.  My original story is here (, but i can no longer add to that thread.   Very short summary - i'm a 31 year old woman that came down with hyperacusis/tinnitus/TMJ and a whole other slew of problems after taking neurontin for a pain issue.  The last time I posted, i had greatly improved.  However, I've had several relapses - the biggest one occurring over X-mas when i was at my in-laws place.  They had a space heater in the room that was loudly kicking on and off throughout the night and i woke up in the middle of the night with the loudest tinnitus i had ever experienced - it sounded like a dial tone in my ear.  Luckily it slowly quieted down once we turned the heater off.  The next day we went to my sister-in-law's place and her son who had just turned 2 was screaming for fun (terrible 2s).  My ears began to hurt so much, we had to leave and drive back to NYC.  I ended up taking another round of steroids to see if that would help.  My ears did get better, but then i would have some good weeks and then some bad weeks. 

In March i was scheduled to have my teeth cleaned, which I was really worried about.  Luckily, I was having a good ear day and it didn't bother my ears at all.  In fact, i find that brushing with an electric tooth brush helps relax my jaw and this helps with my ear issues. Anyway, I told my wonderful dentist (I've been seeing her since i my teeth came in) about all of the issues i was having and told her that I was especially aggravated when i woke up.  She asked me if was clenching and I told her i wasn't sure but that my jaw was super stiff when i woke up. So she recommended i get fitted for a NTI night guard.  They are much smaller than traditional night guards and cost $500.   She gave me a pamphlet and told me to do some research on them. I was skeptical because i wasn't able to tolerate a more traditional night guard that i had gotten a few years back.  I would wake up in the morning and the night guard would be some place, any place that wasn't my mouth.  I read some reviews of the NTI and it seemed like a lot of people were dissapointed. Some people said that it changed the bite of their teeth or that it simply didn't work.  Eventually, i figured i'd have a go because my dental insurance covered half of it and if it gave me any relief at all it would be worth it. 

So my dentist fitted me for one and the first night i was really regretting it.  It was so tight on my teeth that i was really uncomfortable.  My dentist told me it would loosen up and it did over the next few days.  I'm so glad i stuck with it! I've been wearing it for almost 3 months and it has been amazing for my ears and my jaw.  My jaw doesn't click the same way it.  There is still some grinding sound when i first open my mouth but it's much improved.  And the best part - the hyperacusis is so much better.   The morning sensitivity i had is much less noticeable, my ears have been consistently good.  It's like a tiny piece of plastic, miracle for me.  I can now leave my house in the morning - i don't have to wait a few hours for my ears to adjust.   And my ears just have been really good.  I know it's the NTI device because on the occasions that I take naps without it, i wake up with  sensitive ears.

Anyway, i know this won't work for everyone.  I was doubtful it would help me, but now i won't go to sleep without it. 

I think it's very important to find a good dentist to do the fitting though. 
Good night,

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