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Seven years have passed since my initial injury in 2007. I am alive and well. I have to extend my gratitude and thanks to those who reached out and offered support (Rob, Scott, Dan, etc). During the time that I was offline I completed two degrees at my local university while working full-time. I have a long-term relationship and a nice golden retriever. Things are going good in life.

As for my condition, the ringing never did stop. My right ear rings as loudly as ever. I never saw an ENT because I was told by my GP that it was likely nerve damage and that there was nothing the ENT could do. Antidepressants helped me get through the roughest of it and eventually I did gain some sound tolerance back. I still don't know if I suffer from hyperacusis or recruitment...I only know that it stems from one acoustic trauma event in 2006. For the past seven years my "broken speaker" hearing in my right ear annoyed me on times, but never drove me crazy or anything. It must be noted that I was only on antidepressants for one year. My hearing in my right ear would be bad on certain days and better on others.


Recently I went to a pub with some friends and my "hyperacusis/recruitment" has REALLY acted up. I can't even stand to hear my girlfriend's voice on times. It is bad. I'm not sure if it was the pub or general stress levels that have initiated this current spike in Hyperacusis. It also tends to fluctuate with the weather and my fatigue levels. There are times when I can hear "almost" perfectly.

Here's to hoping that the hearing returns to "near" normal... I have an appointment with an ENT in December.


Thank you all again for your support years ago. You are an awesome community and I think that there will be more efficient and effective treatments for disorders such as hearing loss, Meneire's, hyperacusis, and tinnitus. The iPod generation has caught the attention of Big Pharma and I really think it is only a matter of time before something makes some big waves in inner ear treatments.

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