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Hi guys. I originally started a post where i wanted to update you on the TRT i currently receive here in Norway. I also had some questions on that first post to you "pros" out there. The questions related to me getting worse LDL results during my training.

Now its almost 4 months since beginning the training and i can honestly say there hasn't been any improvement and that i might have gotten a little worse even though i listen to white noise on low volume most of the day. This has made me rethink my condition and made me question if i really have true hyperacusis and only need habituation. I have read a lot of posts on here, and its hard to tell if my symptoms relate to hyperacusis or something else. 

The problem is that i dont have that much of a drop on LDLs, with 90db on my most affected ear and 100db on the least affected (unaffected), but i still think loud sounds are painful, like on concerts, cinema and in stadiums. Its like my affected ear doesn't muffle the sounds and my hearing is just like a broken speaker, ringing insanely when exposed to them I try not to think too much about it. The ringing usually stops after exposure is over, but i can get a little worse for a few days, and my hearing is different. Its made me wonder if i have a middle ear condition, something with the stapes maybe. :-/

Im going to mention it to my audiologist on my next control.

Any feedback or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. :-)
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