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Hi, I was wondering if anyone could offer me any advice or help?
I had an ear infection about a month ago which took a good while to clear up and a bit of trial and error with antibiotics - eventually  I managed to get a face to face appointment with doctor, who said infection looks cleared but ear still inflamed and I possibly could have ETD. So now taking anthistamine spray and tablets.
My tinnitus has severely spiked since the infection and Ive noticed that my ear still feels weird, tingly, occasionally sensitive to sound but not everyday, sometimes it feels as though ear drum is being lightly touched (hard to explain) - I am really hoping that this sensitivity is temporary, its causing me a lot of anxiety, is it possible to have a temporary sensitivity? my doctor didn't really give me any answers and just said to stop drinking coffee.

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Even individuals with normal hearing are sensitive to sounds or a particular sound at times.  I suspect you will be fine once your ears clear up.  As far as drinking coffee, that is a very individual thing.  Some claim caffeine spikes their tinnitus.  For me, caffeine makes no difference.  You will have to make the call on this one.

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