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So some background- I originally went in to get assessed for auditory processing disorder (APD) and that's how I found out that I actually have H (and some reactive T). My hearing tests all came back normal, my speech-in-noise, my tone discrimination, all normal. 

But here's the thing. I've always struggled, especially in the last two and a half years, to "hear" what people were saying when they were talking to me with background noise, facing away from me, or began speaking to me unexpectedly. It almost feels like I'm trying to listen to someone talking while my head is underwater, or like "word salad". I KNOW something is wrong with my speech-in-noise perception despite what the tests are saying, and I wonder if part of it is that I've gotten really good at putting the pieces I do catch into context and filling the blanks accordingly. Even with that, I still ask people to repeat themselves frequently, and the results of my guessing yield varying degrees of success. I take a long time to put the pieces together properly no matter what. 

Ear fullness is one of my most prominent H symptoms, and my audiologist said that could contribute to my ability to pull meaning from what people are saying to me; my body is spending too much time "bracing" against the sound, and all my cognitive capacity to actually process the sound beyond "ow that's really uncomfortable" is gone. Which makes some sense, and while she's one of the few medical professionals I trust to be worth her salt, I haven't really heard others with H describing this issue as being a particularly prominent or invasive feature of their sound sensitivity. I'm getting frustrated because I feel like what I'm struggling with is more in my head than it is reality despite the fact that I constantly feel like the last person to "get it" when I'm in social situations or at work. I feel really stupid all the time even though I know that once I have all the information/words, I do just fine. I've been assessed for ADHD, autism and other cognitive disabilities that are often co-morbid, other specified cognitive disabilities, brain abnormalities, the full gambit. All normal. I don't know how to name this. I feel like nobody really believes me because "the tests say no". 

Does anybody else experience this issue with speech in noise? Have you talked to an audiologist about it and been able to make better sense of it? I'm trying to figure out how to ask her about it more effectively next time I see her. 

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Hi Animagus  How are you?
We are  kind of  similar.  I have HUGE trouble understanding speech.  ALong  eith my screaming tinnitus 24/7 and Hyperacusis......
I have a Signia TV streaming gadget and a Phone streaming gadget.  The gadget  has a microphone   and it seems  to cut out a bit  of  the distortion. Haven't used that as much as I would like.   It  works  very well on  the phone  and will look to using that more.
They are very good and cut out alot of the distortion and echos. Hearing Australia organised them for me.
I have seen them on ebay too.  Signia Stream Live
$200 $400   or so. was eligible  for 1

Audiologist  is suggesting Neuromonics  as  an option now  $1500  - $6000/  I am not to  sure  about that though.
 I'm with you about socialising too, it s very hard.
Impossible  to talk to anyone at  the shops....
I've got some ear ReSound defenders, specially made silicone earplugs. Great for using if  I vacuum..and maybe  mow  the lawn  when the lawn mower  comes back from service.  Hear s hoping.
The last Professor I saw  said there is no cure...  all of them have said  that.  At least  they are not trying to rip patients off  by false claims.
  I hope you improve  really soon!

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