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Hi, im from argentina. My name is Tomas and im 23 years old. English is not my language and its quite difficult to explain my ideas without the correct vocabulary. So please be patience!

I´ve been in a couple of loud shows or discoteches. To be carefull with that I went to an ENT in the 2002, and had an audiometry which showed some little hearing loss at 2000k. Thats the "voice" frequency so the doc told me that maybe in very full-of-people situations I may not understand some words. But it wasn´t a big damage. I only had to be more carefull.

That was in 2002. I knew I had a liiiiiiiitlle tinnitus because if i put my fingers in my ear so I could have total silence I could hear something, veryvery quiet.

But this year (in may aprox) I found new sensations in my ear. First when I enter in to my bedroom I had the sensation that my ear was "full". I dont know if thats the word. Probably I would compare it with the moment when you pull air but closing your nose. You feel that you are a little deaf. Well is not THAT much but thats what I feel in quiet rooms.
Also (I dunno if its related) I discovered that my tinnitus get a little bit louder. I can listen it in quiet rooms, or I can change it when I move my head, or my jaw with certain moves.

All this happened without been exposed to loud noise. Just some streets. Nothing else.

And then I discovered a strange sensation in my ear, mostly in my left ear. I can descrive it using someone else words:

The feeling I've been getting in my left ear (now my right, sometimes, too) feels like a small bit of pressure and a quick crackle (sort of like when I open my mouth wide or chew, a problem I've had for my entire life). It happens when a high pitched noise is in close proximity (my infant son shreking, or even the telephone speaker when it's ringing) for the most part, but it seems like it's getting more sensitve by the day.

I can add some info. That strange sensation its much more sensitive when I wake up. Then in the day gets less sensitive. It also happens when I touch my face (hair, eye, ear)..I can´t understand why I touch my self in my eye and my ear make that strange sensation.

I thought it was hyperacusis. It is? I dont feel sounds louder than others. I can play my guitar really loud (I did it for testin only) and it doesn´t bother me, but if I turn it off and I play some high  notes (imagine an electric guitar unplugged..) that strange vibration in my ear arrives. It also happens when I sing high (imiting Bee Gee´s a contratenor)..

I went to an ENT because I was feeling (yesss tons of things!!) a strange pop sound when I sleep in my right ear and he discovered amount of (i dont know the word)..that green substance we all have in our nose.. well Im doing some sessions of a thing called proetz to take that substance out of me, and out of my ear (I guess he said that maybe a little bit of that go through my Eustakian tube (is that a word?) and then to my ear.

I have to see him next week but I wanted to go and ask him about this hole world of strange sensation in my ear. If someone can guide me, if its hyperacusis, or what so I can talk to him, and explain him better, it would be great!

I apologize for my english. I´ll try to do my best!.


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Tomas, you explained your situation very well.  I don't know what is causing the feeling of fullness in your ear, but you should discuss it with your doctor.  Perhaps it is connected to tinnitis, but that is just a guess.  The other feeling you describe does not sound like hyperacusis, although what you are experiencing has been discussed on this site before.  If you had hyperacusis, the world would sound very loud to you and it would be uncomfortable or painful to hear.  The strange vibration you describe when you play your unplugged guitar or sing like the Bee Gees is not hyperacusis.  I believe you will do fine when you see your doctor.  Just describe your symptoms as you have done for us.  Perhaps when the green substance is gone, you will feel much better.   

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sounds like middle ear myoclonus to me, read up on that, stapedial myoclonus or tensor tympani syndrome....


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Yes. I´ve been reading the whole forum! Lots of post. Somethings aren´t clear for me and my crappy english. The green substance I was talking about  (in spanish: "moco) i guess are called "mocus" in english..

For what I´ve been reading, seems that the doctors not always know about the problem. I´ll try to explain the symtoms. I have 3 sessions of Proetz left (proetz is an extraction of the mocus out of your sinus) and I hope that some of the strange feelings were caused by this. Some of the studyes (in spanish: impedanciometría) shows me some mocus in my left ear.
Im afraid to explain him that "i read in the internet some people that have the same thing on the ear as I do", I guess he would thing "damn, another Hypocondriac.."



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Hi Tomas,


You Said...  I thought it was hyperacusis. It is? I dont feel sounds louder than others. I can play my guitar really loud (I did it for testin only) and it doesn´t bother me, but if I turn it off and I play some high  notes (imagine an electric guitar unplugged..) that strange vibration in my ear arrives. It also happens when I sing high (imiting Bee Gee´s a contratenor)..


Me too. I did have sever hyperacusis and tinnitus yet.. I'm 95 percent better from then yet....


I also get a so called vibration but mine is more of a booming especially in my left ear when I'm in the right acoustical situation like you said....


Singing high.. like a contratenor... on very rare occiasions as it does not happen alot for me with useing my regular voice or singing..


I don't think its caused by the injury that caused or was part of a cause for my hyperacusis.. A left over symptom yet I'm not sure.... as my hyperacusis is doing so well.... 


But I there is a link I believe to the myoclonus factor.. Not sure in your case.. Just brought up what happens to me..


It could be the mucus as well ... Just be carefull with exposure to very loud noise that can cause problem such as theses with your ears and can also cause tinnitus and hyperacusis...


Anything that goes wrong with ones ears in symptoms.. I take as a warning sign to protect ones ears from further damage if possible..

Take Care


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Hello tomas

i have that crackle noise too, that reacts loud sounds. And i have hyperacusis as well and also a very quiet tinnitus, which gets louder when i stay in quiet rooms for a long time, so i sleep with a little noise on the background (which my husband doesn't like that much).


I also hear that strange crackle noise when i touch the left side of my whole head (ears hair etc). My ent doesn't have an answer for that. I hope we both find out what it is.


Greetings Ankie

Ankie Selles-Winters

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Please, please, check out this thread.

Listen to Lib, this sounds very much to be stapedial myoclonus / tensor tympani syndrome.

In that link above, you will find 2 other links to some articles that are easy to read and can give you some very good information about what is going on in your ears.

Both Lib and I had problems like yours....touching our face or high pitched sounds causing a strange thud-like sensation in your ear....very much points to the middle ear muscles spasming.

I would definitely discuss that with your ENT. Although, it may be very likely that he/she has never heard of it...but in my own personal opinion, the fullness, crackling you are feeling are good indicators of this particular problem.

If you want to know more, feel free to PM me anytime. I am now free of this problem. I believe I can help.


That is my two cents.
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