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I need to know everything I can about how those here have improved/solved/addressed their TTTS symptoms.  As it can be very difficult to get a diagnosis for this, and I don't have the money to jump through those hoops, I'm guessing it's what I have.  Besides volume levels of certain frequencies being messed up (hyperacusis?), I hear/feel a whooshing sound in each ear, similar to the sound created when someone speaks too close to a microphone.  It is stronger in the left ear, but occurs in both, when people are talking, dishes clank, my children talk loudly, etc.  It begins with the noise and ends a half-second after.  In a silent environment, nearly any sound will produce this response.  The more sudden, sharp, or unexpected the sound is, the likelier it is to set off the whooshing.  In an environment with a lot of ambient sound or in the outdoors, I barely notice it.  If I'm not paying attention to it, then it reduces somewhat.  If I do pay attention, it gets worse.  If I ignore it for hours, then check for it, it will stay reduced for 10-30 seconds, then start up again.  It never goes completely away.  It causes anxiety and annoyance, but not pain, though there was a great deal of ear/jaw/facial pain in the first few weeks, which gradually lessened.  I still have an ache in the ear area after exposure to a lot of noise or after a long day.

I suspect the source is twofold:  one, a recent TMJ injury, and two, a psychosomatic response created during a time of very high fight-or-flight response level when I was already freaked out about my ears seeming plugged.  My problems began in mid-April, involving reduced hearing, low-level tinnitus (since resolved), high-level tinnitus, sound sensitivity (resolving), and the whooshing or thumping or whatever it is, which began a week or two in, after my ears had mostly opened up.  My hearing is somewhere close to normal in volume now (excepting the sensitive frequencies), but my ears continue to have a stuffy or full or muffled quality which varies from day to day.

Did your TTTS go away on its own?  How about with TRT or sound therapy?  Acupuncture?  Trigger point therapy?  TMJ splint?  How long did yours take to go away?  If stress is a factor and I manage to de-stress, should I expect immediate improvement, or would it still take time for the ears to relax along with everything else?  If it's due to the TMJ injury, am I doomed to have this for life, barring surgery?  My dentist gave me a splint, which seems to be helping the other problems, but hasn't yet solved the TTTS or the altered hearing, which I suspect is due to the stapedius and/or tensor tympani being tense and affecting either the Eustachian tubes or the tension of my eardrum, maybe both.  It's almost like I can hear it being tense.  I would very much like to know there is a chance of this going away.  Thank you for your time.

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