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I have not posted on the site for over 6 months.  I did TRT for over a year and I got some improvement the first 6 weeks and no improvement after the first 6 weeks.  My audiologist and therapist recommended that I needed to accept the fact that I may never improve.  I had a bad ear infection in my right ear about 4 months ago and at that time I quit TRT because of the pain it was causing.   

Doing the TRT was very difficult as is it would cause the tinnitus to get louder and sometimes make the H more sensitive.  I am not sure where to go from here, do I give TRT another shot or do I accept the fact that I am going to live with reactive tinnitus and hyperacusis Cat 4 for the rest of my life?  I am 65 and the body does not heal like it once did. 

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There are many different ways of approaching TRT for every individual's condition. Don't give up, it takes time. It takes some people years, but if it's worth that much to you to feel better, then just stick with it. I recommend you read Dr. Jasterboff's book "Tinnitus Retraining Therapy". In the book he mentions this, and also even mentions doctors who often tell patients to "deal with it", which is, a complete crock of crap if you ask me. Take it easy on your ears and trust your instincts. But just remember that normal sounds under 85db cannot damage your hearing. Conquering the mental side of hyperacusis/tinnitus is almost the biggest challenge in my opinion. Having a good mindset and understanding your ability to change your perception on the symptoms can affect how they manifest themselves.

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If you were using the in ear sound generators, you may wish to try to the pink noise cd from the network, instead of just giving up.
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