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I am now in my 14th month of dealing with T and H. I had hoped miraculously I would awake one morning and be back to normal. No such luck. I have been prescribed sound generators and westone earplugs, custom fitted, and now have invested in Bose headphones so I can survive basic things like driving or riding, biking and even taking trash out.

I am now doing accupuncture and am scheduled for a consultation with Dr Rohe. Anyone have experience with him? Or with TRT in Arizona?

I have started a Facebook page for socializing and support for us. The fact I can't go to a club, bar or restaurants had effected my social life significantly.

I do not want sympathy, I just want to have a normal life as much as possible. However all the noise pollution just makes it difficult.

Anyone here in AZ with support group information, or therapy or doctor referrals would be greatly aopreciated.


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I am in CA and I don't know but check with the American Tinnitis Associatoin. I know here in CA they have support groups. I hear you about the social life and how it changes and I totally identify. I want to ask you something delicate and I hope you are ok with this but has your TRT person been someone who works with the TRT protocol frequently or just occasionally? Also, have they added the cognitive behavioral therapy component to it all, it was part of the University of Maryland protocol and the Jastreboff model. Keep in mind and I know you probably know this but a gentle reminder, the more you try to protect and not enrich your ears, the more sensitive your ears will become so I'm a bit concerned about the wearing of headphones to survive at this point. 

Just some thoughts there. 


Jane Parks-McKay
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