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I have hearing loss, coupled with hyperacusis. I had it under control for years but a slight hearing aid change I believe brought on the fear of it having gotten worse.

Anyhow, I used to take high doses of different vitamins and it seemed to work to some degree. I slacked off lately, rarely taking them. I dont really know if the worsening of my hyperacusis was all in my head(brought on by hearing aid change), or if it really did get worse. However, it seems better today.

What I did, after much research on past studies, was start taking these 4 days ago:

3000mg C
1000mg E
15mg Beta Carotene(A)
1000mg Magnesium
600mg NAC

Its worth a try, there is significant research to verify that the inner ear hair cell environment is improved  with this combo of anitioxidants, and if you read the studies it does make sense how the improvement is occuring.


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That sounds dangerous. I think this post should be deleted.
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