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Tinnitus Today featured an article on the highlights of the International Conference Explores Hyperacusis by Mr. Jills K. Kurian, M. Sc, an audiologist and tinnitus specialist at The Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford, United Kingdom.  A few bullet points made in the article worth noting are:

-Studies suggest approx. 9% of adults and 19% of young adults have some level of hyperacusis.

-Richard Tyler, Ph.D Professor at the University of Iowa prefers to break hyperacusis down into three types: loudness hyperacusis, annoyance hyperacusis and fear hyperacusis.

-Annick Gilles, Ph.D, clinical audiologist at the University Hospital in Antwerp, Belgium is one of many clinicians who feel there is strong link between hyperacusis and tinnitus.

-Richard Salvi, Ph.D, Professor of Communications Disorders and Sciences at the State University of New York believes that inner ear damage can lead to a significant reduction in neural output in the cochlea.  The brain's auditory cortex may overcompensate from decreased neural output which may results in magnifying sensitivity and sensation to sound.  Overstimulation is what causes the hyperacusis.

I strongly encourage hyperacusis and tinnitus sufferers to join the American Tinnitus Association

Their publication (magazine) is packed full of information.  It is very uplifting and hopeful to read all the articles and reasearch sponsored by the ATA throughout the world.

In addition to the hyperacusis article the current issue features articles on:
-Peaceful Expressions/Quieting Tinnitus through Creativity
-My Experience with a Cochlear Implant (interesting article on how a cochlear implant silenced a man's tinnitus in his deaf ear
-Noise in the Workplace
-Mindfulness: Changing the Brain to Change Our Perception of Tinnitus
-Tinnitus Clinical Trials
-There and Back Again: Expressing Pain and Hope through Poetry


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Thanks Dan for posting this. [smile]
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