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Take your time with this test and you might be amazed.















Read it and see if it works for you.















Just 3 questions and the answers might surprise you.
















Be honest and do not cheat by scrolling down to the bottom and looking up the answers.  This will ruin the test.

The mind is like a parachute, it works best when it is opened.

This is fun to do, but you have to follow the instructions very closely.

Do not cheat.















A Warning!

Answer the questions as you go along.

There are only 3 questions and if you see them all before finishing,

you will not have honest results.















Go down slowly, and complete each exercise as you scroll down.















Don't look ahead.

Get a pencil and paper to write your answers as you go along.
















You will need it at the end (to be able to see your written answers).

This is an honest questionnaire which might tell you a lot about

your true self.

Give an answer for each item.

The first thing that comes to mind is usually your best answer.

Remember - no one can see your answers but you.















Number One

Put the following 5 animals in the order of your preference:

Cow, Tiger, Sheep, Horse, Pig

























Number Two

Write one word that describes each one of the following:

Dog, Cat, Rat, Coffee, Sea

























Number Three

Think of someone, who also knows you and is important to you, which you can relate them to the following colors.

Do not repeat your answer twice.

Name just one person for each color:

Yellow, Orange, Red, White, Green










































Please be sure that your answers are what you really want.

























Look at the interpretations in the next posting:


"Yesterday is ashes, tomorrow is wood, only today does the fire burn brightly"

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Look at the interpretations below:






































































































Number One


This will define your priorities in your life.


Cow signifies CAREER


Tiger signifies PRIDE


Sheep signifies LOVE


Horse signifies FAMILY


Pig signifies MONEY






























Number Two


Your description of dog implies your own personality


Your description of cat implies the personality of your partner


Your description of rat implies the personality of your enemies


Your description of coffee is how you interpret sex


Your description of the sea implies your own life

























Number Three


Yellow: Someone you will never forget


Orange: Someone you consider your true friend


Red: Someone you really love


White: Your twin soul


Green: Someone that you will remember for the rest of your life





This was sent to me by email.  I have no idea who the original source of this test was.  Hope you enjoyed it.


"Yesterday is ashes, tomorrow is wood, only today does the fire burn brightly"

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Ohhhh.... I took the test.... (((( Smiles ))))


















Not sure exactly what that means for me..


If anything as it's just for fun.... 


But...thoses are my answers...


Hope they were good ones.. Wouldn't want anyone to see my defects from it. ((( Smiles )))

Take Care

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