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Hello everyone,

I hope that this isn't to controversial (if it is then I apologize and I will pull this post). 

But I've been doing some reading on some of the research that has come out from the "Hyperacusis Research" page and am just concerned with some of it's findings. (Well, I'm happy that this research is being done! but just afraid at how I should conduct my life before more concrete research yields more results)

One of the big fears that I have is that my mild Hyperacusis will in turn make my moderate Tinnitus even worse, as I am now sensitive (and experience pain) to high frequency sounds such as alarms, car brakes, loud beeps from electronics etc.. but seem to be ok with most everyday sounds.

One story caught my eye. On their Facebook page, in the comments section on their June 29th story regarding a range of noises and the db that is associated with the sound. The message that goes along with the story says 

"The below-85 dB zone, which includes noises like vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, blenders, garbage disposals and smoke alarms, is a gray area, even for healthy ears. (And many smoke alarms are well above 85 dB.)

Depending on factors like duration of exposure, frequency of sound, individual susceptibility and pre-existing ear damage, such noises are not safe at all. For those with hyperacusis, such noises are extremely risky and can readily exacerbate their pain, sensitivity and tinnitus."

I was wondering what everyones thoughts were regarding this issue. I want to make it known that I am in no way trying to disprove, or say that one side is right instead of the other. I am just trying to find out as much information as I can right now so I can arm myself with the right tools moving forward.

I am going to be trying TRT next month and will have an evaluation from an ENT. But until then I am trying to be kind to my ears, while still exposing them to some sound. My worst fear right now is making my Hyperacusis and/or Tinnitus worse.

Thank you,


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You are on the right track- do your TRT.

I, for one, do not believe moderate sounds for moderate lengths of time "damage" your ears.  However, it may aggrevate hyperacusis temporarily and slow down your recovery.  Give your ears a break until you have recovered.  I would say if your ears start getting annoyed/hurting, them don't hesitate to protect them.  Use pleasant levels of sound to desenstize them, umpleasant levels won't work.



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