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Hi all,

OK, so for me personally it is a fixation with noises, that then become so irritating it is enough to make me want to throw myself off a tall building.  Even exposure to a certain noise once is sheer torture.


So, with this being the case habituation is obviously not a way forward for me.


What are the best ways for cancelling out noises?


I'd like to at least be able to sit through and enjoy a meal with my fiancee once in a while


Thanks for the advice


Em x

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You can seek medical attention from a local ENT/Audiologist, which you can be diagnosed and prescribed anti-hearing aids, else also deferred to a more suitable doc., which can take you under sound therapy(pink sound). Both of these options are permenant solutions, unlike blocking out the sound with ear plugs.


I'm not too knowledgeable on the subject, though I believe they act as sound percolators. In theory they would only block out the specific frequency that is intolerable to said person.


"The units are special hearing aids that are designed to allow normal or loud sounds to be compressed into soft sounds.  Soft sounds are processed to present as they are heard.  Sharp loud sounds can be reduced or eliminated, and high pitched screeches or shrieking sounds can be similary reduced."


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well, I am not an expert but with respect to irritating noises, the best thing you can do in my view is to get your mind on other noises and yes, habituation to another noise, such as a fan, white noise machine, empty aquarium, light non lyrical music, etc. is the way to go. It's what TRT is all about anyway, at least partly.
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