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Am home today due to the snowstorm.  Since a major setback in my hyperacusus and tinnitus early this year, I have been doing much thinking and research and am curious about something.  For many years after the start of my tinnitus and hyperacusis, I noticed occasional hearing "drop outs" in my left ear.  I would first notice that my high pitched ringing tinnitus would "change" to, or be replaced with, what almost sounded like a very loud audio test tone of much lower pitch.  At the same time I would notice a significant hearing loss in that ear.  I could still hear things through it, but much softer than the unaffected ear.  The tone effect would last from seconds to minutes where it gradually faded back into my typical high pitched tinnitus.  The hearing in that ear would gradually return to "normal" (for me) over a period of minutes to hours, with the ear still being oversensitive to sound when fully recovered.   There was also a feeling of "fullness" in the ear when this happened and a little "vertigo" effect at times.  This could occur just about any time with basically no provocation.  These events were defiantly not blocked Eustachian tubes as I have had them and the effect is totally different from the radical change in tinnitus and the degree of hearing loss experienced.  I had been given a CT scan and an MRI (the most painful thing I have ever had, even with earplugs) and they were normal.  I think it was at this point where I was given the diagnosis of Meinere's disease, because nothing else quite fit.  Even my good ENT was uncertain.  I was very concerned about them at first, but since my hearing always returned, and tests were negative, I started not to worry.  Even so, I never exposed myself to much sound during an event, just to be safe, so the exact effect on the hyperacusis is uncertain, but I think louder sounds did not cause much discomfort the affected ear when it was happening. Since they were of relatively short duration I could never get  to my ENT while one was occurring.  They became less frequent as the years went by but still happen very occasionally.  Has anybody else here experienced a similar type of  problem.



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Hi Bill,

Yeah, I used to have that happen occasionally. And like with you this was just temporary. When my ears get hurt and are sensitive to sound I take it easy with loud sounds for awhile, but I don't retreat to silence.

Hurt ears need sound enrichment, if possible. Not always possible.



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I have the same problem. Both ears will do this. I will lose clarity in my right ear , the high frequencies, and the it would return. I also had a feeling of twitching tingling feeling in my ear at times. I am a type II diabetic. I wish I new what causes this. Sometimes I believe blood pressure plays a role.

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