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i noticed there's a free tapping summit online - i think it starts tonight - just a coincidence.

has anyone benefitted from using tapping for their h issues? if so would love to hear the story of how.


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Hi Patti, (((( Smiles ))))

I listened to the audio it starts out with music and then it's talking.
My ears are doing good so I can handle that well my tolerances are pretty high as I've said before just some left over stuff..
Didn't get my old ears back but this is lots of progress where I am at now.
Soo... Thats interesting as Chinese medicine helped me with my hyperacusis and tinnitus and beside's the herbal medicines you cook up the first person that was trying to help me not only did that but did acu pressure too...
not acupuncture as latter on and I think it would have helped me if not for the location of the provider and the noise involved not from treatment because acu pressure is pretty quiet though nothing is really totally quiet on H. But we are more complex then in just what western medicine comes up with. But tapping.. Interesting..
Emotional healing and draining the immune system.. 
Is this like emotional body work and release like relaxing therapy??
Kind of a message or muscle relaxation therapy thing??
Can't remember if this chinese doctor tapped with acu- pressure or chopping karate chop..
It would probably feel good though... 
And plus they listen to you too that always helps, someone receptive.... 
Hope you are doing well Patti...(((( Smiles ))))    

Take Care


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Hi Pattiluv,

Thanks for the heads up on the tapping seminar. I have mixed feelings on tapping alone, I have found other methods which seem to be more useful for very efficiently getting to the heart of the matter. There are various factors which could impede tapping effectiveness: how well the emotional issue is being captured in a phrase, whether a practitioner who you can work well with is guiding you, etc. I think doing efficient techniques - tapping or others - whatever really gets there - for releasing emotional baggage can help anyone dealing with life let alone a chronic pain or other ongoing discomforting issue like h and t or anything else people come here with. So thank you again for this information. I did some tapping sessions, EFT style with a really good practitioner by phone, worked on some of the grief and concerns about the life interruption due to the onset of hyperacusis. I did have great results. I had overdone sound the day before and was winding up into a setback of h and t. Being able to walk through and past some of the emotional baggage that was compounding things made the issues of the present moment easier to face, and my symptoms wound back down, my setback was averted. And dealing with some of the grief over life issues which were being complicated by being down with h and t helped me deal with h and t more easily from then on. H and T are physical problems like a broken arm or pneumonia or... Clearing the mind may not be able to fix the problem but it can powerfully support healing energy and the reduction of suffering whatever the issue at hand, physical, mental or emotional. I feel that tapping is just one of various, cutting edge methods to let us get to the heart of a matter...and clear it. From my experience, sometimes it can work well on it's own, sometimes as part of a wider set of techniques. Here BTW is the new EFT site....the evolution of the one that closed last January, it's just opening now:

Breathing is good.
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