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Greetings! I did do a search regarding my topic but didn't find anything.

2 questions:

1. Do you guys have H pain that switches sides on a weekly basis?

I do, and upon set-back it's either one or the other ear experiencing pain, not both. Does this hint to the cause of my H being muscle related; maybe something like the sternocleidomastoid? At the same time my overall H appears to be improving. I can now play my guitar at low volumes, listen to the car radio at near pre H levels (8-10), attend restaurants and high school sporting events without protection. Set-back recovery time is now in the days/weeks timeframe opposed to month/year. Daily pain, aside from my current setback was at minimal (1-2) only increased by by pushing the limits (volume/duration). Related, I believe an aspect of my recovery is due to focusing on stretching and strengthening my lower back and neck muscles. 

2. Am I getting better considering the aforementioned?

Along with the aforementioned improvements have come some new symptoms. I recently began experiencing rapid eye movements (100% of the time) when I relax my eyes. The speed and pattern of the movement seems to change as well. I'm also getting intermittent left-side eyelid twitching and tingling down into my cheeks, face and eye. Are these typical H symptoms and precursor/warning sign of something "big." I believe the tingling is classic H, but why would these develop in light of over-all improvement (should tolerance)? This stuff is confusing. 

On the bright side, the average volume of my T continues to lower as well as TTTS and frequency of pulsatile and chirping T.! 

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