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Hi Debbie,

You said -
It seems to me, please again clarify if I have you wrong,......

Please  quit making assumptions about what i do say, in the manner you are doing. When you do that  you read things into what I have said, that I did not say. 
And as I have mentioned - there are some other replies i have been hoping to get to.

I'm glad to hear your analogy with your previous experience was just that - an analogy.
You have had enough to deal with, with these challenges on their own - without it being severely compounded and made more complex,   by such a difficult and traumatic association and /or experience.

You were and perhaps still are in an environment that would test the nerves and ears of anyone dealing with these challenges. That you prevail at times with the spirit you do is amazing, and speaks of your resillence.

About the body's stress and emotional responses and the autonomic nervous system -- and the limbic system -
Isn't  the fight or flight response to severe stress or threat, and the release of the chemicals / substances (such as hormones)  in the body that helps fuel and support that response -  something that is handled by the autonomic nervous system? Or is that incorrect? Because when i look it up - that is what i keep finding.......that system is deeply intergrated with the stress response, and many other "automatic " body functions and reflexes.

you mention about phobias -
I want to say that sure, phobias and aversions can develop through incomplete learning and conditioning - fear of all dogs after a dog bite, fear of eating chicken after food poisening, dislike of redheads after being taunted by one in junior high, extreme fear of flying due to risks of crashing but no fear of driving...dislike of a certain song or type of anything because of personal taste.

How about a fear of sound? Perhaps it does not need to be a "phobia"  in the truest / literal  sense of the term ----- just a fear of sound that causes stressful and negative reactions.....though I am sure the degree of it all can vary.....

You mentioned -

Had I developed negative emotions ...............
.....or to the sound of the computer which used to overwhelm my auditory system but now seems to be ok, that would be a phobic response and modification of this response could probably only help me live life to the fullest

How about modifying the stressful response/negative emotions  to sound, even while sound  is still difficult if and when  possible?
(Though at the same time, protecting our hearing and ears if and when necessary - in ways that are appropriate and necessary for us at the time.....)
Or when sound that is too loud and also stressful becomes less intolerable for our hearing./ears, yet still provokes a stressful and / or negative emotional response?
(And being able to notice what is going on, with respect to our reactions to the sound - and that it is going on at that time )

And maybe at that time also  noticing that perhaps  sound that used to be too difficult - is  perhaps not as difficult as it had been previously.
(And  noticing and being aware that perhaps it's not too loud for us at the time, and noticing that difference, where it may have been too loud before, but no longer is .  -
even though it may still perhaps causes a bit of stress?  Even though when our hearing gets more sensitive again it may be more difficult/ too difficult again..
(As that can happen as we work on imiproving our tolerances to sound)

Diffusing the stress can be very helpful. Noticing the difference between sound that causes stress, and sound that is actually too difficult/loud to tolerate, for someone with these challenges  - can be very helpful as well. (And sound does not need to be loud enough to cause hearing damage to be too loud for someone with hyperacusis to tolerate And we are all different in what we are able to tolerate )

You mentioned -
Fear and dislike of anything which presently causes pain without regard for baseline "like" or "dislike" for that stimulus is not a phobia, it is a reasonable response.

Yes, it is a reasonable response, to sound that causes a large amount of discomfort and to having our worlds seemingly turned upside down by sound. Where it seems like one day we were ok, and somehow we woke up in or somehow stepped into, the Twilight Zone, where everything under the sun seems too loud ......Incredibly loud.
and being around sound thatis too loud can make it more diificult ........
These challenges can be really difficult and confusing,
Maybe that is why or part of why people with hyperacusis generally have some degree of fear or dislike of sound and corresponding emotional / stressful reactions - to go along with it?
Wouldn't it be unreasonable for that not to be the case?  The degree of the fear or dislike and emotional reactions can vary greatly though.
And the fear and dislike, and emotional / stressful  responses we may experience to sound  - from what i understand, involves our autonomic nervous and limbic systems.

You also mentioned-
I agree 100% with the concept of sound therapy adjusted to the needs of each individual in terms of it's timing and form.
For example, I find nature sounds in terms of truly being in real nature to offer the properly adjusted mix of high and low sounds....birds chirping, frogs making frog noises, footsteps on a gravely trail.
Nature sounds to me feel stimulating to my auditory system and a necessary component of my healing process.

I found and still find nature sounds peaceful and pleasing as well - it's what I started out with for sound enrichment, (and still use at times for that) - and what I  use when my hearing/ears get very sensitive if i am able to tolerate it at the time - though what i use, especially when my hearing and ears get more sensitive  sounds more like a gentle stream birds ....just water.

By the way - I don't think anyone has ever said or even suggested that what you are doing, using the nature tapes you have,  would not be helpful to you, just that other things may be helpful as well. 
Expanding the frequency range (at least within certain ranges) if it is limited to begin with - of what we are able to listen to, leave on for background sound/ sound enrichment  or use as a therapy of some sort .....
as we are able to do so - in ways that are appropriate and right for us on an individual basis  to do so - is something i think can be helpful.

You mentioned -
Some others here with hyperacusis seem report that  bird sounds etc. feel terrible for them.
(Unless I'm mistakenly thinking of some who have mentioned birds who do not have hyperacusis/tinnitus but instead misophonia or autism.)

Though it is possible that some may have other conditions -
Some with hyperacusis are very sensitive/ more sensitive  to the higher frequencies, of some bird calls and i am sure other sound as well.

and you also mentioned-
I strongly agree with you and some others here that emotional issues in life affect the body and vice versa.
Who knows what might "set us up" emotionally to be more resistant to or more vulnerable to one accident or illness or another.

From what i understand -
Being able to mitigate and diffuse and when possible eliminate stress can be very helpful. That's true not just for these hearing challenges, but overall.

Though with these challenges as with other things, i do not think it can always be put down to one being more vulnerable to a certain condition - some things just happen.
Though perhaps there are things one can do to improve the chances it will not.

(Such as  using heariung protection in loud environments and leaving a place/event where the sound is too Loud..)

you mention-

We on this board have seen many examples from person to person of mixed results of broadband (and other) sound therapies.
Perhaps mixed results are in fact the rule vs. the exception.

I've been reading this board for quiet awhile  ...and the people I have noticed that report significant improvement from hyperacusis have all desensitized to sound in ways that were helpful to them -----and they all involved using sound in some specific way or ways  to do so.

P. S. Like with  these challenges  I wish your experience (that you mentioned in your other post above) was something you never had to go through, but i am glad you are "here" to tell the story..... this world could use more people who care  about our planet and about others who share it too.
May the future bring much joy and healing - on all levels - to you.
And to everyone else here as well.

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Hi David,

I am glad that you will post a new thread about this later.
My long reply to Debbie is because I felt the need to clarify some things,
though I would much rather have had the time to spend catching up on other replies instead.
(And to say I would rather be spending the time on other replies instead -  puts it mildly.)

Your idea of starting this  thread was, and is, a good one.

Thanks again for posting this thread.

You mentioned-

I'm on week 7 now--eating at noisy restaurants and out dancing

May I ask what type of similar or comparative activities you were able to do before?
(Or will you give us a clue in the new thread?)

As I mentioned - I think that many with these challenges are very reluctant to start anywhere. Maybe they think they will just improve over time?
For me it was only when I began using sound in ways i have found to be helpful that I have noticed what i would call real improvement.

And I think their suggestions - of using environmental sound that one can easily tolerate - does provide a good place to start.......
I also think if one finds a CD of nature sounds (such as suggested for the study)
that they  find tolerable and pleasing and hopefully soothing - that it, or a similar one ( that one finds easily tlolerable, soothing and  pleasing ) - could also be used as sound enrichment, at very comfortable levels, of low volume - for other times of day. Just for background sound....
And using something one finds tolerable and hopefully pleasing and soothing  for background sound/sound enrichment - is something i think can be very helpful for people with these challenges

Hi Liz,

You mentioned difficulties with the doors at the grocery store.....

Speaking for myself only, when I have to go to a supermarket in our local shopping centre, I dread it to the point of fearing it because, even though I know it is not going to damage my ears, I still fear that moment when the glass entry doors slide open because I have learned through repetition that I will be hit in the head by a cannonball of sound.

Is it the doors themselves? Or the sound from inside?

To  work on building tolerances to sound as one is able to do so something i think can be helpful, even if it involves going to a different store to shop for awhile.

Whichever it is, if it is  that difficult for you, do you have the option to shop elsewhere? Though if it's it's the level of sound inside, maybe going at a slightly different time of day or on a different day would be helpful?

Also if the doors are that loud, and it's not the sound  from inside,  -- is there a chance they may have a problem, and be opening or closing too forcefully? IF that is a possibility, talking to the manager, or someone else there about it -  may bring about a change.

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P.S. For Debbie,
I agree that discussion and conversation, can be productive and brings insights -
and I would  have replied to your post anyway,  especially after what you said about your experience.
(How someone could not reply or say something to you about that, is completely beyond me. )
but it was  the manner in which you took what I said and added to it, AGAIN changing the meaning of what i did say -  that I really objected to.
(especially after I had just mentioned that to you in my other post)
I had other things i had been hoping to reply to - and having to take the time "NOW verses later" to reply, after just having done that in my previous long post to you as well - was frustrating. (as I again put off other things i had been hoping to reply to)
I have, and I am sure others  have  as well - at times,  put off other things we need to and wish to do, to try to reply to people on this board. It all takes time, but I know you know that.
I really do wish you the best, and do not mind conversation, and discussion  - but prefer to join in, by choice. And no matter what is going on - I don't think there has been any time you have really needed encouragement, because of these challenges - that I and others as well have not taken the time to reply.....
People around here do reach out and try to help each other - by choice, it's one of the wonderful and beautiful things about this board, and the kind people who make it what it is.

Wishing you much better days ---- and perhaps a day when you will look back and
find that hyperacusis for you was  just very strange blip on the radar -
and not a concern, (or not much of one) for you anymore.
And wishing everyone here much better days as well.

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Hi aQB,


UG, do I have to reply right now? Just kidding…


Breeze, I see how much you really do care and put the time in to show it around here.

When my ears have been hurting and you have replied it has meant the world to me.

I know many others must feel the same way when receiving your thoughtful and encouraging replies.

You take the time to really think about things from different angles and to be compassionate and offer hope, all while humbly and truthfully acknowledging the source of what you are sharing, even if 'only' your own take on it.

And the angles you bring up to people while thinking through why their ears might be feeling out of sorts (maybe while they were raking the lawn...a different outdoor sound they were unaware of caused the sound impact they are feeling....and it wasn't the raking after all?) are such smart and creative thoughts, I often think, "that was brilliant, by golly, Breeze might just be right!"


Breeze, your energy on this board is one of a kind, and I'll bet you've lengthened some lives just by helping some people take a deep breath and look at the bright side, by envisioning those rainbows on the horizon when all seems like lightening and (loud) thunder.



We’ve all been there…when someone posts on the board and seems to re-interpret or dismiss our words and ideas

and all the hard work of posting in the first place, instead of feeling satisfying,

feels like it defeated it’s own purpose.


At least that is how it has felt to me at times.

I have sometimes felt like I needed to “repair” the image of what I said before the misinterpretation got read too many times as if I agreed with it,

so that my hard work could be saved and so that no one would think I was

some kind of ninny with crazy ideas.


Of course that last concern is all vanity as I do have crazy ideas  


It’s tough putting our ideas out here.

Communicating in written form in real-time with a bunch of other people with passionate ideas and aching ears is not for the weak of heart.



We misinterpret each others’ ideas, disagree with them or are just plain puzzled by them at times.

Yet we hope that we are doing some positive good, and will feel generally better for it,

And feel even better about our own ears just by taking our minds off of ourselves and trying to be helpful.


There must be some way for us to satisfyingly deal with those times we feel misrepresented….

Without expending time and energy we don’t have more of to give.




“I’m feeling misunderstood/misrepresented here – thank you & I hope we have a chance to straighten this out some time”

might suffice until if/when we ever feel like clarifying.


There is always the chance that our first explanation was good enough…even if a poster disagrees or is puzzled by it……others may have “gotten” it to begin with…or could go back if they care to.

Why should we feel enslaved by the response or lack thereof of any given poster?

We should instead go where we feel the best going……because our time and energy IS precious, and we are not being paid for it.


At least this is how I am starting to feel about how to manage the energy that the board takes.



What do you think about that?



Thank you Breeze for caring so much, this board would not be the same without how much you care, and it takes a very special person to put as much time and energy into this board as you do.




Breathing is good.

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Hi Debbie,

Thank You for your very kind thoughts. What I have gained from some others around here
who have taken the time to reach out and help others, even before i signed up for this board - as well as since that time - is something (many things)  for which i am very grateful.
I have found some of the insights shared inspiring and illuminating as well as enlightening in many ways,
and as I have said before - some around here gave me hope, when it was very hard to come by. ......I too am grateful for those who take the time to share their time, knowledge experience and insights.
That people do this out of  kindness is something that, to me,  makes it even more special.

About people  having something misunderstood -
(or misunderstanding someone else)
I think some things that any of us here may say,  may be  misunderstood, or taken the wrong way - when it was really meant or said out of  kindness, in the hopes it would be helpful for someone else ... though some may not even recognize it sometimes.

And sometimes things that are said may resonate better, or make a lot more sense to someone at another time  (If they ever go back and re-read it)
Some things seem to be like that, looking at something once, or happening across something  - before we are really ready to understand the meaning,
(or if we are not in the right frame of mind at the time)
may leave us baffled, (and/or misunderstanding) but in coming back to it at a later time - we may realize that it makes a  lot of sense. Or a lot more sense than we thought it did.
And sometimes it makes sense  in different ways, sometimes allowing us to think about things differently than the way we understood it, or perhaps Thought someone meant what was said,  in the first place.
(And maybe sometimes if someone takes the time to really look - they may see that even some posts that may seem objectionable to one -  at first glance  --
may have been written with the utmost of kindness, care and good intentions)

Like reading anything, sometimes things can make more sense, sometimes in very inspiring ways -  later .

And sometimes someone other than who something  is posted to - may find something of very positive, and perhaps inspirational  value, in something that was said to someone else.
I have a feeling that may happen alot ....

The time and positive energy people give towards trying to help others, with these challenges  ----- is something i find wonderful, and truly inspiring.

For you and others to reach  out  as compassionately as you  know how - and are able to - to others who need help, even when you are having a really difficult time yourself, at a kindness many could learn from.
If more people would think about, and truly care about  others ....
this world would be a better place.

Wishing you and everyone here - Rainbows after storms .....
P.S. I think the people who see the most rainbows - are those who look for them....
and notice when they are there -
and i think it is a bit like that with these challenges,
I think those who find ways to recover or greatly improve their tolerances to sound  - are the ones who seek them out,  and notice when they find them..

Thanks again for your kind words, Debbie if something i have said in the time i spend here  - is helpful for someone else - that in itself - makes me smile.
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