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Following on from my previous post, after being exposed to shopping crates slamming down on concrete and an awful screeching noise down the phone, certain sounds are now distorted. The bathroom fan, the boiler, the fridge all have this awful distorted sound and edge to them. Is this a typical feature of hyperacusis?


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Hi Nena no ones rushing here to help and advise, they will just a bit busy I expect - so I'll offer some hope... I still have T and will have rest of my life but I deal with it and have average days and good days with it - but H that's a different animal in my opinion - with T you can de stress change lifestyle and get benefits but H once that gets you.... Well here's some hope for 'some' - with me I was so bad 2014/15 that I had the ear plugs in and headset - and so bad that couldn't listen to fans - diesel engines - even road tyres were a problem, at its worst I started to turn the humming freezer off in the evening - last night something happened to inspire me to write here and share some chance of normality for some - I was wiping dishes and I'm always throwing knives and forks in draws when wiping up listen to that brain, nice - make as much noise as possible keep my brain in training - well I dropped 3 big plates onto the pile of forks on the drainer - what a racket, wife shouts in from next room - made me jump a mile and the dog lol - me took it in my stride i'd had a difficult day as we all get from time to time and I was grumpy but ears were fine with it, bit extreme yes but these things happen to cause noises and ears/brain was good with it - not as bad as some music you hear in cars sometimes or concerts - this happened by accident, brain/ears were fine with it... I'm 67 by the way so any age can see possible improvements.

That is extreme so don't try this at home dropping plates...

Its all on my posts anyone 
interested how I improved things for me - take it easy at first if you start to retrain your mind/brain - very slowly...

I remind people - anyone with ear damage get that looked at first before any retraining... With me my brain got idle sensitive to noises for ten years I would say - the last 2 years being the worst, so ive been there in that dark place of H... good luck keep searching for solutions, don't give up...

s simpson
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